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  • 00:00: hi to all viewers my channel today we do with Andy with potatoes in my the arsenal of two prescription Placenta this recipe more simple and it suitable just for filling that form such as mashed potatoes like me today or cottage cheese our plăcintă will wrap on principle khachapuri just I want to ask sorry for the dark fingers because I
  • 00:30: recently I made jam walnuts nuts recipe which by the way you are You can be seen on my channel, and so for pays us You need one a cup of yogurt or 2 cups sour milk flour sleep and soda and First, we will mix our dry ingredients, we mixed with flour salt and baking soda do lune and pour to yogurt or spoiled milk
  • 01:01: begin quietly vymeshivat possible you need more than 2 cups flour everything will look now for consistency of our test it should not stick to hands but However, it is not be too solid that is, it should be myagenko Later it will be knead greasing hands vegetable oil as well as the surface Duck is my father. here
  • 01:30: so here it is It turned out that there ska hands, she did not seem to stick but at the same time my very myagenkaya passed on to surface even a little Now knead us need vegetable oil pour a little on the handle and start involve funds already Oil from doing our test such small sausage and divide into small here such here circles that is, one piece at We will have it 1
  • 02:00: percent . your turn each from pieces we too knead actually forming placentas our glasses We put each pat fingers can be you can skalochkoy inconvenient fingers made pancake take hands right stuffing in my case Potatoes do here such a ball and going edges midway and zaleplivaem them Then again, that's thus reservoir
  • 02:31: them again, you can take a rolling pin to make this rolling pin I prefer this make handles here It is such a percentage points I turned on heated pan we pour a little vegetable oil will our percentage point each fry show more time reservoir layer them they
  • 03:00: You can use rolling pin can I The handle is made such a small pancake take quite a lot here a palm potatoes as you understand your stuffing should be elastic ie This recipe is suitable for cheese for potatoes with some pea mashed and now this one our bag again formation they neatly to potatoes have not
  • 03:31: It came on and everything is It left in the dough periodically pen damp vegetable oil if you formed girls can be easily close up and so my plăcintă glasses with potatoes and
  • 04:00: We prepare delicious dish you can take the road of a kilogram of potatoes and the amount of test me get six big band I I wish you all a pleasant appetite health and to new meetings to new recipes yet