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  • 00:06: Hello thanks that she visited our Channel yutyube project in dubai to you it is now we your friends are metro station which leads us to We think about lu wolf from English translated shopping center if you are not course and I will tell I show you about transition which connects subway station and let pier go
  • 00:32: when we and it came the transition has not yet been and we came to September we arrived in September was very very hot I I remember even plus and then you have come to the Burj Dubai to far we were going to dubai mall metro station Orenburg crudely
  • 01:01: find such it is an optical illusion became very, very close and we went and in fact it is very far distance and very, very hot go there but they did very they did brilliantly transition that It connects the station Metro's this station Metro Burj Dubai and dubai mall coming
  • 01:30: by metro to the station any Burj Dubai and can now walk down the street where hot or not to go on bus and can be calmly about the types a new transition which is provided with large windows air conditioning that pretty much yet comfortable if you want to visit Burj Khalifa then I will I recommend to come Metro You get out at the station
  • 02:00: Dubai pier will scale go on the transition safely reach as the most famous singers fountains and before long known who you near Burj Dubai as you can see very many people enjoy this transition go I want to say that here they are very quickly built this transition when we just come on
  • 02:31: in step forehead construction and literally months they already launched it in work well, of course people with the role of a very, very fast here to you since the transition fairly long so for convenience How do you know all Dubai It made for people We made here such here moving walkways for which can also go and moving It will be for
  • 03:00: fast We have already been very beautiful here purely nice fresh air-conditioner huge windows that It allows us to see outside the building machines as well as travel if you see that then look forward long long the transition is yet to come waiting for and how much
  • 03:31: time we will go but nevertheless all equally convenient course If you do not like ride the subway and to walk the should certainly take taxi all taxi drivers city know it a place Now soon we will probably We have we come I want to say that this the place is loved not only tourists but also tape locals do not visit you
  • 04:00: already see We come in burj Khalifa Here it can be seen you know how it was in when we went to dubai we faced with optical deceit building looks very but very close when you decide to reach it on foot go have to go very very long because it is such optical illusions so small you can see well and it seems that she is here so here you can
  • 04:30: to see whether the caliph right in front of us but In fact Denmark is pretty away if you front if you can see the transition long-long we are going go We go to distant lands and We came quite soon we drive and add a little Well you You can see there away just you can see the famous Dubai and to Him we now soon Come and you can
  • 05:00: I see it here I want to show you here You see the statue and Here the locals depicts a man and a national Women clothing but there's far if you see there and there is even a fountain small joke when you first We arrived in this no for some reason, and that the floor This is the singing fountains but it is cheating friends you have to go behind the burj Caliph and already there are singing fountains
  • 05:31: Burj such beautiful high way with this go very it looks nice opens wonderful view Here you can also completely close to see dubai mall we are very close reached Now there remains for those two or three hundred more fur mini to you
  • 06:00: reach because we Dubai is very lazy and walk we are no longer able to Generally, in this Perricone feel themselves like visiting international airport so everything is clear and track star light many lights outside palm I love
  • 06:30: everything here is Dubai done To the people it was convenient and comfortable in this way I only remark but recently met our with participants our project in dubai They even said they come here recently said that after they let's force did not understand what to add really all up little things made ideas to people lived comfortably
  • 07:25: actually here build not just a even the simple passes his business card
  • 07:30: wear on composition art you can see how he looks he did this design view By the way if you were in this transition please write in their comments impression how he will I liked or may I am not like
  • 08:01: Now all we came to our favorite Dubai but you can see a It is written just sign is the entrance to Dubai pier thank you looked video about the transition and you were anna especially for project in dubai stay with us write your no comments subscribe to channel I wish all good days until