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  • 00:00: hi friends you watch Camilla secret and with you camille summer outdoors and this lovely couple made me want make a piece of the sea, or rather sea ​​soap I recently purchased form with marine theme and I really wanted to make her
  • 00:31: using a beautiful soap from the base and so at first I will make a blank for my soap for this I melted a bit transparent or base in the microwave prepared a dye and perfume the dye must be non-migratory for order that color blanks and smoothly flowed into a transparent a layer of soap a add a shower doll 10
  • 01:09: cable in order to remove bubbles that surfaced you can sprinkle with alcohol wait about 15-20 minutes while soap stiffen and now I'll score next workpiece
  • 01:42: but for the second soap I will make one of them not quite ordinary way now need
  • 02:23: wait a bit while the layer to grab shell looked more natural I I will scratch her toothpick such the way I create some texture on shell surfaces now I'm pouring myself seashell for this I melted a bit soap base I will paint in mother of pearl and add about 5 drops of perfume before as
  • 02:59: add perfume need a little bit cool and before how to fill cockle alcohol I took out the soap and now I will fuse it in the soap base
  • 03:29: but before I I melt this skate I I will decorate it a little mother of pearl I melted 40 grams transparent soap basics will now add there are 10 drops of perfume a little bit of it will chill
  • 03:59: and I will fuse our skate fill the base form I spray the ridge alcohol to ensure a good hitch and neatly I put it in transparent layer now I will wait until
  • 04:31: transparent layer will harden and then zalyu white white the fundamentals need to cool a little before as fill the second layer it needs to be sprinkled alcohol and semolina can be scratched toothpick for to provide good coupling and now the same I
  • 05:17: I'll do it with another soap so today you
  • 06:21: learned as possible with using different techniques to make beautiful sea ​​soap from soap base there is still much what's interesting Stay with us with you were a camilla till