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  • 00:00: hi friends with you Camilla is a time I It did not show Master Class utilization soap base and it is with her began my long and an interesting way to home study
  • 00:30: cosmetics let us now consider how fuse in soap elements of the foundation without errors and defects try to fuse in soap in soap craftswoman probably started immediately as there was 1 selling soap basis and this not surprising soap base It has a number benefits allowing it to fill somehow first we need to do soap billet foundation then to lay them inside transparent you can layer previously pour soap base But in such
  • 01:00: silicone molds or just years cut base different from the figures and diced workpiece better to use fresh to provide the best coupling with layers Today I'll show you as the fuse in three type workpieces 1 the way I Rafting here are Stars as the soon a new front year I want to do a New Year's soap To do this, I'll still be use here a white holographic glitter it is very beautiful
  • 01:30: looks in transparent soap silicone-based form or plastic rectangular circular or oval soap does not matter foundations and perfume were basis of need somewhere about 100 grams previously Melt it on waterbath or microwave Be careful not bring to a boil otherwise it will be you troubled if you do not You know how else to do soap from the soap foundation can see my basic lesson on my blog tread soap base soap base Now I melted
  • 02:00: add glitter she will not blush is so well look but now let's get down and look attention to the algorithm action, first we fill transparent soap base and then in it already we add an asterisk if you make Conversely, first place an asterisk the bottom of the molds and then flood the foundations
  • 02:30: between the workpiece and silicone molds or plastic can formed air bubble that then will not very beautiful look at why if there is a possibility the opportunity we add up the workpiece in the soap base Pour not to end because we still you need to place enough for billets and now thoroughly with all sides sprinkled with star alcohol and put
  • 03:00: Our soap is the same, and with another all are now ready we will wait until our soap hardens now let We proceed to the second method and now we will do curls do we they will here from such preform is usual red soap she It should be fresh
  • 03:30: not to curls broke as well twisted to do I will be using here such a tool I I think everyone has It called Peeler another important this advice Now all these blanks You must be painted pigment to non-migratory then your soap was beautiful and the color of the no blanks millenial you no matter how I left in another layer, and let's start we are doing curls with using the above cleaning Now such movements no matter what is
  • 04:00: thickness well in Basically they always obtained thin can leave them in way or manually more wrap or expand conversely curls try turn right while they are still flexible otherwise, then they have will break down but I already talked about this so mine or not I also melted
  • 04:42: about 100 grams transparent soap its foundations a little cool and add I will perfume Rose perfume somewhere 15-20 cable depending on the the concentration of perfume your what I do then I I can also pour first soap basis then put to the workpiece but as they are a lot of them soap base top can grab
  • 05:13: so I will pour transparent layer in two stages Fold the bottom of the first zagotovochki and then top zalyu basis I have decided to pour
  • 05:48: thin white layer soap base top our soaps to formed a beautiful white background and on this background workpiece will contrasting beautifully look white the foundation a little bit cool and make it melts and a transparent layer sprinkle with alcohol directly before going ready to occupy and Now let
  • 06:18: We proceed to the third way I melted about 70 grams transparent soap basis and this time I I will insert here such small element is also made of soap candy not only soap and to their I will melt use here a mold thereby proving it is not necessary take the form of a flat the bottom of this hemisphere It is also very good It will look like this it is not necessary to exactly we have on the table I will
  • 06:49: use here this cup is you in the future too, little secret and it is wonderful we will have stable candy stand individually I sprinkle alcohol I will not vysyplyu and palm and sprinkle already the whole mass as I put and this already sweet a transparent substrate which will be pre filled mold add 15-20 drops perfume I use fruit Assorted but I think
  • 07:19: perfect will suitable for this Assorted fruit I also want to warn that's a little candy by melting can quickly melted than what is normal workpiece that we you do so bring maximum to the temperature you permissible somewhere perhaps 45 degrees for the German soap it bases lawful basis It should not be hot but establish fluid at this point should be
  • 07:49: catch Well that's all I
  • 08:30: I showed you three method using which can be be fused preform soap and if you want to always have my handy tips cents you download Camilla application the secret to their mobile devices I am waiting for your comment new photos to meetings until not