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  • 00:00: Hello my good Zionist share with you technology that will help diversify your soap with minimal number of molds we need transparent and white the basis of any basic oil dye Flavors from the syringe which cut nose chop white soap base and ship on water bath
  • 00:30: when it is melted add oil calculating a third tea spoon on 100 grams base and few drops flavor All stir and fill in form sprinkled with alcohol bubble and leave to harden when the foundation will harden squeezing a syringe circles if the circle He is not got it right press finger form below he little lifted him it easily we'll get so doing the whole form if you have curly cutting the can they use when you're done
  • 01:07: melt the a transparent substrate add it dye I decided to combine Two odor and added strawberry flavoring so if you can do flavor blend together all stir sprinkled with alcohol Our lower layer can it lightly protsarapat for better grip and pour pink basis remove alcohol bubbles and wait until layer cools after that scratched his sprinkled with alcohol and pour remaining white base of the bladder
  • 01:37: remove alcohol and to leave soap complete solidification after 30 to 40 minutes We get our soap shape and we are left to decide as we cut, I I decided to make 2 rectangle Our soap is ready of course you can cut it out and more figured everything It depends on you and on today is all I hope that you
  • 02:07: I enjoyed this tutorial Now you can diversify your soap without buying additional forms so that subscribe to do not miss the new issues put Like this video that I know that you I enjoy my lessons and of meetings following video bye Bye