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WISDOM soup, VKUSNYuChIY soup of medieval Europe, often flaunts on my table  See details »

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  • 00:05: hello my gold dear to you again, I you already know that I can trust slightly in recipes if someone was preparing my recipe and today I I want to tell you about the same day or soups German I began to call soup of his wisdom She taught me to cook my aunt us need for this about a palm our piece of beef here sleep with palm
  • 00:30: around 20 meters where the width we cute and will cut as goulash on boxes will magician is not used will be surprised very tasty here so here is my poppy pumpkin not even have the who do not like pumpkin you guys she was not you feel the salt pepper to taste flour to us roll meat carrot carrot parsley potatoes Olive oil can
  • 01:00: as a plant So you want the first This stage we boned meat and more such nuance to cook I'll multivarka I've got the meat is fried it has been 2 short Sunset is beef Senin is still here then hung on I hang it on the balcony violins large paper clips You do as hooks so here and it turns and hang it
  • 01:30: today I had only outweighed here because there was rain Well even we will prepare multivarka me here so that's my wand favorite multivarka and here I put on frying mode fry to brown Meat is the first thing you You can cook conventional I always used to cook and my aunt himself ready to normal to normal pan just myasko it is necessary to fry but she in a skillet and then
  • 02:00: Put it in Well, let's pot So to begin I put hot mode multivarku you just You then turn on Statement on the griddle pull the board where I pressed not mine hot here I have poured olive oil and I throw our pieces
  • 02:30: meat is now then warmed up put somewhere 160 degrees I have here Now I put the pieces roasted meat with two sides and proceed to the next stage of this soup is very good It was popular used in Middle Ages it treated treated mad with mad men it is recommended to eat for the brain Active since there magician pumpkin pumpkin well absorbed Kirov but in the gut all this useful very like a vegetable
  • 03:00: season when it comes from I gourd people still use and such a small pan that's recommended This soup has a Monday Wednesday those days, that is, When that for a week to week started and somewhere Wednesday when I do not want to work or any well Thursday day, then choose So let's fry kina here's yet
  • 03:30: not hiss at me of butter it is now warm up quickly I did this infection I swing we still You need a bulb My finely cut here and then fry too together with a bag here I am on the 1 dreidel now I I will cut the pumpkin I did not cut myself patrol finely do not be afraid there pumpkin will not be felt all these they just tastes
  • 04:00: and will meet very very tasty No one guessed that This pumpkin soup I have I guarantee since I learned it I said nothing to cook my chips This soup ever a single season in pumpkin season He does not leave my table red 5 a and then I think
  • 04:31: enough time to add and then followed Arthur fry and so there he It will be fried onions Now fly Watch Now how soars politician to a carrot then fry I will cut into cubes potatoes and while I loans for labor pumpkin I will not be so far away I will not to cut so I flew I have there a carrot see if that's all you You will not do multivarka like before I did in pan ordinary soup
  • 05:01: the first to pan fried meat I put it pot where I am cook this soup then fried onions with carrot, too I applied in the pan and then has put diced potatoes and grated pumpkin grated on plain grated like Sharonov I'm here more so I put the potatoes I rubbed well here at such a grater than grater Bernard and here
  • 05:30: just such a old grater pumpkin or left to 30 to 2 pieces this I will add more dry fry bear tea in the morning and that's small in This bottle gourd I turned on grater this much I today is my too to become today Tomorrow's post here there is not warmed for multivarka worth
  • 06:02: I go in on all stirred I noticed something that I will do not pour because that as I have here will be pumpkin then I dolyu some water Scrape also so where My povaroshka possible yet another mix not nice to make up soup max start left alone at
  • 06:31: we need later pramac we will not We forget that we Poppy and I add here the water is six Luxus shorter anyone as you like until all the same taste can be Film can not trap throw All right if I Tolstoy I still enjoy ceased
  • 07:03: It was such here beauty It means in my case, multivarka general if you cook in a saucepan will soup cooked exactly half hour or 230 hour so desired Boil themselves there see this is now all dissolve one It does not recognize that this is Pumpkin does no I guess here and my case I Multivarki cook then I increase
  • 07:30: while twice that have I put on the regime soup for the soup of the regime 3 to turn chasa I close the lid and let preparing somewhere minutes for I'll get twenty poppy, and so here I am spread ground mad somewhere Tristan 2½ three tablespoons and
  • 08:00: may well in a mortar sprinkle and a little bit and Dad Tolkien Tolkien zaparivat I did not because there will have I boiling water over there is happening Prepare delicious now everything falls apart whole pumpkin seethe just stir well I forgot to say somewhere hour 50 I have it already, I
  • 08:30: Well over Restayl somewhere 5 years 50 minutes of the hour, I will let down here's a magician, I got Class pack somewhere beyond 0 5 hour somewhere 1:05 somewhere in an hour I will not will include steam out hang in all the mess steamed still boiling water and pour here and I I recommend watch video there
  • 09:00: pumpkin me countrylike It called very tasty too contraption although when I first time preparing this piece of pumpkin countrylike I do not think that of these ingredients get at least something to eat happened is not something that and edible very very tasty and so also in the reserve an hour let it Adonis as color changed immediately look
  • 09:32: all leave let's see what will happen in a result already pumpkin here so here it is not visible I said at the beginning of Roller is that nobody understands that this soup pumpkin you knew that This pumpkin soup when trees that once It gives a very tasty fate and he is now brewed by my pipe on the podium We are almost close
  • 10:03: Here is such a ready Now he has turned may or may not add an almost collapsed cut potatoes not smaller cubes so big it all would not seethe a everything else will how to how to Hello Well, that's all parsley sprinkled here can add sour cream and you can eat very delicious course go and he told you
  • 10:31: proximity to consist in adab Tito until all