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  • 00:00: Spreads have come
  • 00:40: our fifth 5 and privately exhibition Moscow club lovers because even not only from different cities of our countries my from different countries and Just because the feet that other such separation other such groups raises because here lush beautiful flowers
  • 01:11: No chandeliers and miniatures variety tie flowing compensator and infinite world amazing the very rare Russia it's trouble you this part armor ford mainly died orphans
  • 01:41: we have girls from to Africa to see these Pelargonium in nature this reduction is a very large proportion flowering spiders because room conditions is will lead
  • 02:11: pretty hard section it grows of course with the necessary flowering try see what amazing shapes I'm talking about every fan 9 can find everything about this family plants I mean it I start you stand at flowering look look at what wonderful thick succulent
  • 02:41: trunks look see this too succulent on the floor I pelargonium unit growing on one a single island but if they are afraid claim now I can be mistaken Pelargonium 5 years at the bottom remarkably similar to Oak and looks which can not be
  • 03:11: evenly great formed rare to Gorgon tricolor very difficult contain to the home and and flowers They resemble small and such small picket brazen yourself brought only with white and and purple part if we look We saw a flowering pelargonium leaves all round but like all accustomed zone Pelargonium look what diversity here look what leaves it has bought the fire and
  • 03:42: navigator Is anyone else He says that this is the first see here tubers for and for pelargonium bar amazing completion how many living multiplies tubers get
  • 04:12: a a few years ago Now these hybrids to us very such that at least somehow at work to birth withdrawn Hamburg were long consider all the fact
  • 04:46: that he had bring here among this group of plants they were able to take impossible to get It was impossible to state or color longer let that food and bright enough true also Be this as it were, temporarily only as darzee toilet and resources hope that he able to get really say this because bright and rich revanche ever do while the line although it is possible but It creates the greatest of
  • 05:17: night he passed it right for to from These simple easy release florets position Unfortunately here in flowered form is not here the toilet honor discharge blooms so when I saw
  • 05:47: first as revealed the result I just I I really cried I He's screaming ass this size it is similar to how the the Japanese cross on It folded petals here since some varieties Jablonski chrysanthemums incredibly him until I was developing totally different on wing flower for pot chrysanthemum
  • 06:17: or even less customer chrysanthemums Adolfovna and larger until the pile hybrids Cliff flagship is nothing odors world please odors or would not remove Now you can not say when we say that it turns it the smell of ginger is the smell of lilacs it is clear that it is not so clean smell often happens Philharmonic shades about hail in general have nonmetals
  • 06:47: general background probably. by the right to water top notes lilac cinnamon and pine cedar on sometimes let us but you are very They have clearly expressed perfect for pure we have absolutely clean very pleasant Moon in citrus of smell is very many do not collect collection in the background is going and shapes and colors
  • 07:17: entire disk and accessories different because it could shower spout 65 It represents and until it does and but such nemahrovye Of course a lot rare hybrids Incidentally wildest varieties This is the first terry Angel's you do it he was in my opinion somewhere It will be in the back of your part of this birthday
  • 07:48: sold nurseries under different varieties Here is blooming often marketed as Well, I already told first angel terry guy is such a dialogue what a surprise other name fir trees and rings in my and reduction represents a no flowers and the actual with him but such modified like they long cones are long it turns out
  • 08:18: abundantly We dumped it vegetative mutation on a bush which just alone multiply and sell already as a very other are however which is present experience we friends that binds color separate cheap in one bottle because so important to keep 1 than enough
  • 08:49: vulnerable if you remove of people I have caught rosebud if very much to me
  • 09:20: very disappointing ie is the queen of course Among the leading totally different group that chord names If there's the usual on a new legally not could and terry arm them all represent it such as there completely amazing plants that It puts not all their buds never disclosed
  • 09:51: main stay these as the oblong Here's how points Tulip them not many of them probably dozen somewhere new varieties fucking we know that we you could find break and nurseries we are looking for we are looking for them tourism and prices enthusiastically worldwide because in case with nurseries It is not very well they closed in Europe these addicted lot head It is common
  • 10:21: stop elderly and how there is not is Leitha support among younger generation and then Nicky close one for others it is very bad topic to collect from themselves here as much as possible more varieties maintain and because that the actual variety with we started once 10 years ago, It has not all find and to nurseries in including means my They said about tulips Pelargoniums have pelargonium group
  • 10:51: flogged or times color they have buttons for the world is treated group Rosaceae include damage or with buds form I rose roses pure growth or just super mo round here is one of them on or Gordon terry is super here is not the form of the eye I will be a lot to Unfortunately until rosebud here she would only Legend shape of roses
  • 11:22: and then here at this color copy You see this year is disclosed years it happens when years she keeps clear clear formula That's about somewhere It was 20 centimeters and there are 4 4 5 cm flower roses form this way this variety is not filtering also treat us this or a hybrid of a very very beautiful special group
  • 11:52: plants or hybrids they both produce I possess unusually lush flowering in among them lots of flowers addition resembling the shape Roses have a special shaped leaves are always very beautiful flowers and hybrids like very much strong completely marvelous with leaves of a plant dissimilar to Pelargonium and you like maple flower form Stars want to give name missed or sacred
  • 12:22: Pelargonium among them there are also from plants with interesting and day there are many that's quite a lot of fast local varieties and variegated adoption is one of the the most difficult we have probably due to atoms working plant family Kathisma is very nicely the root system usually unless of course it is necessary to
  • 12:54: handle carefully interesting and very interesting winter examine Domnikov collection and more what would you like selection gas eyes is very Putin very exciting to
  • 13:24: time of receipt order because that you did not order how would you you paid for nursery never know what you will come something will not that is to die well Generally it is more than I just like at the moment waiting time when They are not planted cuttings obtained massages and the time of standby color that's when I have they better define get these little green remarkable
  • 13:54: plumule and see there Laws like this right is still and when the total mark waiting for it all flowering green and its expectation as a bloom new layer out of the sea do not know what behind your colors like she be we pressed and this one manic traffic and topics of this sort I