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Video subtitles:
  • 00:05: knit small forming a butterfly the first loop provyazyvaem 5 stitches and closable in a ring cow hitch first air loop happened ring etc. provyazyvaem 5 stitches it
  • 00:34: is small wing and ring provyazyvaem column sc without thread short run on the ring and to and fill our the butterfly budded 10 stitches 10 stitches
  • 01:01: column, without sc in ring following 10 air loops ring in the column without sc for two large wing got two large wing more petite 5 stitches
  • 01:31: column, without sc in Ring this thread can be contracted and it is better if we have tucked in the wings the thread start undergirding the wing column without the sc there is a ring of 5 stitches provyazyvaem column without sc polustolbik with sc column one
  • 02:00: sc and 5 columns with two sc 1 2 3 4
  • 02:31: 5 you try to upper hinge heavily and not stretched bollards arranged like this firmly and evenly on column one sc in the same little wing polustolbik with sc and a column without sc little wing
  • 03:00: The thread is cut to it did not interfere with us and fasten large wing for We knit column, without sc polustolbik with sc column one sc two with three and four and 7 columns with five sc without a column sc polustolbik with sc
  • 03:32: column one sc post with two sc column three sc column four sc
  • 04:03: make sure that the top Loop was not very elongated 7 columns with five sc So we tied 7 columns with five
  • 04:31: sc so shift fingers that we fit the remaining columns four sc provyazyvaem post with four sc further column three sc post with two sc column one sc with polustolbik
  • 05:00: sc and without column next sc following arochki large wing knit the same here are we They were tied second wing and a small wing and Strapper as the beginning of a series of column without sc polustolbik with sc column one
  • 05:31: sc with 5 columns two sc January 2 34 5 column one sc with polustolbik sc and without column
  • 06:03: sc hereinafter we have to figure fasten columns, without sc not grinding away at both half loop and sticking between the posts ie here skip the bar without sc polustolbik with sc provyazyvaem between
  • 06:32: columns column and miss
  • 07:01: column here skip and between column, without sc and on polustolbikom great wings provyazyvaem column sc without meaning we not for two and half loop even as it A breathtaking third thread here when high columns it is seen
  • 07:33: here when we It is a semicircle it is desirable to add width so that we do not folded wing so will provyazyvat 2 column between columns This harness more it is more rigid will keep the shape
  • 08:16: and it performs decorative role provyazyvaem until the end
  • 08:30: winglet over a column without sc that this wing and nothing provyazyvaem otherwise there will be many columns and will be well, as it were, knit your thread binds Next on the wing
  • 09:01: one say 4 column sc without further go here and the top parts of two columns if you add wire inside it arrangement will
  • 09:30: lay wire as the bourdon You can be the wings give them different shape and flex different directions very interesting effect and I have already gone one pillar of the last four column one
  • 10:00: more missing one bar and one column and tied little wing columns, without sc
  • 10:32: at the end of provyazyvaem cow hitch air loop and cut the thread and we still need to link tendrils between large petals if you can find mustache knit process piping and You can end I tie the thread
  • 11:03: I knotted usual then a simple knot this thread I will fill in piping and columns without sc start provyazyvat antennae for butterflies This recruit 10 stitches the antennae can be connected to the process piping columns, without sc as you can and then to After tying the thread I I bind usual node then this thread I
  • 11:31: tucking needle bars without sc provyazyvaem 10 stitches the third air even in the loop fourth air loop provyazyvaem dead loop and blind pass Air loops loops thereby
  • 12:01: thickening our chain provyazyvaem dead loop and more 10 stitches only unfold on the wrong side and in the fourth air loop provyazyvaem dead
  • 12:31: loop and over following aerial loops provyazyvaem cow hitch at the end of the air cut the thread loop
  • 13:09: and see what we tendrils but have turned one of cirrus we obverse the other on the underside little picture different but I saved this one Now bend that is, to have a mustache We looked at different side and this thread It may be well form when we will sew fix is ​​not good
  • 13:32: form to tendrils were in place I looked beautiful to iron butterfly that it does not spun and now I will refill thread on the wrong side where we columns without nakida that is,
  • 14:00: generally remember usually always Refill where most dense place cut the thread and more were we thread our antennae
  • 14:35: can be charged inwards and a second lobe tendril thread 2
  • 15:00: see necessarily on the front side everything to be as the you want everything you suit and neatly dressed with columns you stud bars without sc if the antennae once in vyvyazyvayut process piping columns, they can we not be spinning such as we need
  • 15:31: So when we decided to formed not with us smoother obtained