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  • 00:00: Namaste my name nagaina you are my ansa and Yoga Center Today I'll show you massage neck and head upper back reasons to People relaxer for oval to people gone from a headache and yes there or In order to equalize pressure between head and torso to begin that is, we initially
  • 00:30: starting from the head We start here by such here circular movements of fingers fingers Just stuck in the head of a school in the skin head and we start doing so soft circular motions the whole head but be not accurately choose hair person Now you are here pushing down as if exactly each finger it is not just those
  • 01:00: Now the skin movement and they are quite deep as if your fingers become such long and you want to Now there promyat in depth depth the skin depth of the head so here myagenko pass across mind can tap a little too Ruban carefully because that person then thumbs take here and so
  • 01:31: skull and that's here right place and we have lost there for in the end such a transition and now large fingers you go straight Here on this place back and forth enough presses firmly but not so that was painful people usually very pleased to take one hand, and that's so that's way below grab and prim and tapering fingers to center like this here
  • 02:00: image hold one-handed cop Second hand you this do because if I'm going to do Only the hand head constantly will go ahead and to human straining our neck challenge to man relaxed Here is the nomination also a circular ie the maximum the size of the movement mash this is now the area studied by on second exercise you take
  • 02:30: hair and quietly myagenko here and so as if you want them but to pull it Here is a general Exercise is very nice man take and so well that Hair and quietly pull very it is very quietly nice person must have the following exercise you take as if watermelon presses checking on One strength
  • 03:00: sides strong straight right up shivering release then the second sides with a third party for diagonal should be strongly so that a person was nicely 3 due to the following diagono line soft enough stroking movements such here like relaxation this
  • 03:35: then you can take such a light here such here Rodka drugs erased relax here and here so here are soft here movement just part of the whole head very not relaxed pounding attack and tapping and you are straight must do internal earthquakes throughout that's a head birth very well
  • 04:00: It lends itself to the blood's So and then again softly calm down and continue we turn to the neck, we take any oil is will be any massage oil is like a person that is you You give him a sniff if he says then it's like can plant olive sesame in
  • 04:31: I sandalwood oil and taking just two droplets and start gently massage the neck the whole palm so soft motion can once again hold the forehead do This back and forth if the first movement was down now only you move skin is not this again
  • 05:01: not like a straight on depth in this here these movements try feel here here's spine pressing iron the press iron the press and once again here here are the movement I I go straight on the edges of the hands and here and so gently I move to the shoulders
  • 05:32: Then I start moving the skin and directly feel the muscles here's interior the shoulders are very good Now these places are so Wells called the there is energy points very important we chat they can here and so these two places straight That's how to travel and here these fingers Just to stick some hold the this is very good or
  • 06:01: simply you can press Now in this way thumb simply click on this place, as if you want to push a place there deep and far then abruptly overcome that same can be the other for make Practicing hand person so you take arms kneads like this Choose an image and large fingers straight from the shoulder blades here they end are in their
  • 06:30: feel You start to remember Now this place is very good use four fingers Hell is a place here such Here on Mars cook It drives just like that Now this on a call choosing us more than anyone else here near the blades and thumbs gently move to spine here and thus again directly commemorated there muscle within not surface here
  • 07:00: a surface and just feel fingers as you pass on muscles inside there is good Ribs are here way and the last part of it is when we you just start gently as if such a such movements tapping on fully penetrate head and neck so softly
  • 07:32: shoulder distract him such comfortable here so we straight try make such vibration that right bone to bone will feel so people can still be hand to make there was the air is very It is enjoyable feeling talking when you hit it beat a person back teeth chattered try to head
  • 08:01: counterbalance balance two hands on both sides here Such is the vibration there are more like this conveniently . there is here on this here bone can be little beat rotate slightly all that's at the end of such Here gentle movements as if stroking removes all stress can
  • 08:30: a little bit tap ears like this way their memory memory pull locks stick quietly there and here this triangle rub this the projection of all our internal organs them to intensify and again so soft way to do this lung relaxation movement to man calmed down insufficiently