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  • 00:00: Hello dear girls needlewoman In this video I want execute the query and as its old promise promise talk about how I use remnants of threads
  • 00:31: and the remains of the most a variety of possible say one Hank and quite some tiny tiny bleeds especially at points when we fasten thread remains quite but even a little can it does not throw everything can be all pay the benefit So in the first place if you are left alone motochek there just the sea options where it can be used you can link small accessories I'm often one
  • 01:01: Hank is enough for short fingerless gloves link to photos I leave a video you can connect these these tanks can be make a bandage for head naturally What you can make a hat on some models Hank would be enough even ma. 200 meters and it has 150 Although someone whom you knit this hat so if you I stayed 1 mA. this can not even be considered
  • 01:31: remnants of this can consume and where anything for good shall we say needs more if you It remains well about that's as much as I often I see Accessories I They are often left small ostatochki small pieces where I use them eg can I have them use for production of some small gizmos here for example I have casket is simply bandaged say so the basis of the adhesive tape it
  • 02:02: naturally obliged wash a little thing do not get it He keeps in shape basically example cover the expense sufficiently dense knitting yarn that is was large and accordingly, even cap here holds its shape without any additional foundations in the most casket basis I have here hold some stuff small buttons of and here I centimeter as much I still use these Hank, I really love
  • 02:32: sure these rezinochki hair that is, for example here this is due one color at once I say that here this the amount of yarn whole a gum not enough it requires large enough but such costs can be used the remains of two colors both here and so on April 3 etc. Here's another example when two Colors are combined in
  • 03:02: one for rezinochki Hair's this number of you quite probably enough for tying 1-2 and rezinochek here is of differently depending from the bottom from the circumference most originally gum and from how magnificent you it will make the description master-class rezinochka this link I am also in the description I leave a video go and see get pleasure knitting on the same you can make
  • 03:34: large number of different remnants of just such I I do not know how it called basket wiping her purse but she without handles in the I also have baskets with I put all small things such as residues do not not so here it is I lay it a small copy of the accordingly it is possible associate whatever size is everything depend on the initial diameter
  • 04:04: as you can see here completely assembled absolutely absolutely different shades only that they it combines black color between them yet less than they look enough harmoniously together thanks to knit black the color that I want notice if you you want to associate a basket yourself fit it simple enough necessarily make master class and show as it can be very easy to do my
  • 04:34: only recommendation puts them behind him Two strings, even if the you do not say so enough amount of one color fold twentieth place here at I like here white pink and gray pink and green blue blue and white adds two different colors more at least one suitable other and knit 2 no Then basket will keep fit more if you stayed here such small pieces
  • 05:05: scraps still is but hardly a get off that something has so many yarn very very difficult I found out The fact is that once in the vast Internet saw the same article interesting about where to using leftovers yarn since I people do not know is not I can call myself Plushkin well, in general if I lie some remnants yarn I just can not touch the new not yet used Now this old people just
  • 05:35: I can not take for something new while not finish old maybe it's good and bad in my life but nonetheless Ideas for use these residues, too, enough if you knitting needles or hook, in principle, it does not matter, you can out such residues to start knit cord gradually, gradually attached to this cord New New color then you make a great multicolor This cord can
  • 06:06: continue to knit then either indefinitely decorate them something or shall we say try use decorative purposes any of this cord it can then pull up into a ball and this cord knit something again the same baskets or something volumetric some sweater or naobrot something thick in total try experiment I think the idea of a lot of you You find knitting because of the large yarn which
  • 06:36: obtained from connected such usurers cord more if you there is very very tiny ki cut too they are usually not but only throw if I do not use them in Daily for stored and so eg I am very often I see some cute trinkets and who need filler such as These are the hearts they are very nice they can somewhere hang give both souvenir friends
  • 07:07: friends who We came in and looked Naturally the fact that due to that Unfortunately not give I can because these things have either been owners who waiting for readiness or it is some big order for example now I I am working on order to store youth clothing but of course they and they look They look and they really do not I want to also get something knitted brother take orders ahead from friends so I say do not really like because that free time
  • 07:37: there is very rarely take money from people close to me do not what I embarrassed I think it's not even the you need not Basically, I do not I hesitate to say that well let this yarn I tell you something bind when I will free time to grow and the cost of special I am not but that no less I see a very familiar but rarely are Souvenir I can easily give linking such a heart or some New Year's toy or a large, soft
  • 08:07: toy in their content can use just These thread trimming despite the fact that I've got sintepon often here especially in these trifles use but remnants these preliminary ostatochki very, very I cut so finely to resemble You know how to let it may sound uncomfortable but they are become such consistency when remind pellets are collected in Palm's it
  • 08:38: achieving this the size of lots and lots of once these cuts small ostatochki I they fill such small gifts I hope this video you turned useful if you have any ideas use remnants of thread be sure to write me because I was not on the This really just a sick man always new and more a new idea, and because I can not rest until the finally in my boxes with the remains will not remain absolutely nothing I'll be glad to hear
  • 09:09: some of your interesting ideas so that write sincerely Your Sasha we are meetings