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  • 00:00: hi all I have done self-contained Heat opportunity adjustment temperature individually each room the result is very happy as is essential savings energy consumption Now sharing my experience in this type of heating More just for those from someone in the apartment house giving no gasification as well as it can be used as
  • 00:30: addition to any heating mind since it does not tied to pipe it portable and completely independent my house is completely Electrical fixed no gas and the most interesting that our foolish standards you would sockeye, I was able to knock Statement on the machine 32 current meter amp that is maximum total power which he it stands about eight kilowatts to This heating in
  • 01:01: I was old electric boiler Tan with 5 kilowatts pipeline and and iron batteries the most basic lack of heating boiler was that inclusion cookers need it was off heating even in general play play turn off heating and electric range electric kettle microwave boiler and so on and so in general, like one anguish and second the lack of this is not
  • 01:31: intelligent boiler this is a great consumption power of my main task was to achieve simultaneous operation heating bolero electric stove with the keep the house warm so I fully I cut all the pipes suitable to radiators and boiler including me I used only some remaining iron battery By the way before I I experimented with aluminum radiators are why they went
  • 02:01: Now tell forth itself a principle of action and device Autonomous intelligent electric Cast iron radiators it consists of iron battery which is at the bottom threaded hole inch and a quarter through paronita-hand gasket screwed here a heating element for Reliability some steam pad with two I smeared the sides silicone on the threads nuts to you wrapped
  • 02:31: fum-tape foam tube made of stainless Steel and brass nut so that no further It had problems with dismantling issue and I'm still choosing Tennov I come back I now want to finish on design radiator then tilt twisted
  • 03:02: top is twisted through plug ordinary rubber without gasket silicone but the court belt with the opposite hand diagonal twisted the same I plug the bottom safe and I put it on magnetic gasket silicone, and also with fum-tape
  • 03:32: in this upper portion twisted Threaded she looks like cover only threaded hole Majewski but under the tap so closer look Threaded itself and is itself bleed screw but when a closer look
  • 04:02: The battery is now in established situation filled by tap hole Majewski water better distsilirovannoy in me is ordinary water from the well is not hard to save for shadows Water was poured through an ordinary watering can with stretched hose in one section of cast iron Battery nearly half liter of water for this a battery section 11 It took about 15 liters water for this type heating is the number turned out to be + 1 in this description water
  • 04:30: It is not so much that here in this horizontally position it emerged through this hole under the bleed screw and this is not filled with water top part radiator and will serve as a expansion tank after filling water you need to tighten the valve Majewski who
  • 05:02: will lower excess excess air from radiator all radiator assembled now proceed to the automation Automation consists of Now this thermostat which responds to change water temperature I call him water thermostat and from the air thermostat which responds to
  • 05:31: change air temperature room water thermoregulator directly It is inserted into the heating element itself which already present technological tube for him water thermoregulator intended mainly for so that the heat sink boiled water they certainly can adjust water temperature and respectively
  • 06:00: room temperature Well it is not very convenient twist on each the radiator and the need to control your constantly intervention so full automation This process is necessary establish more air thermostat on this thermostat sensor is not installed who constantly It measures the temperature the air in a room at
  • 06:33: the regulator You need to ask air temperature where he will include heating spirals radiator and respectively air temperature where will off there all two modes temperature inclusion and temperature off already really noticeable savings power is my best simple and inexpensive
  • 07:00: thermoregulator instead it can be deliver and programmer already there you can customize temperature mode at different times of the day Well, the cost of such devaysa many times more expensive a link to the store where I buy this thermoregulator I leave in the description the regulator itself and very connected simply supply cables
  • 07:31: stress yourself thermostat and wire for foam connection radiator and thermostat heating element radiator as seen It is not connected directly and through water thermoregulator Now back to the choice Tennov themselves these prices I produced by order one specialized a reference to the enterprise about the viewer will but this description for cast iron radiators could not make a book standard
  • 08:01: Prices in any online store or on the market as I said before the I originally I experimented with aluminum batteries and standard t us and here I He collided with some problems in a section aluminum the battery does not fit more than half a liter of water and it is very small when This form of heating circulation of water at heated in aluminum battery almost no ie
  • 08:31: this case uniform heating aluminum battery heating element must be It located throughout length to the radiators example length standard PETN capacity of 1 kilowatt will be fit just 5 Sections aluminum radiator if I insert this PETN radiator 7 sections then two sections of poor circulation will almost and it is useless
  • 09:00: a fact which I personally I am sure and even when such a small quantity of water and high enough thermal conductivity aluminum power PETN volume has battery It should be much more than cast iron radiator as well as the I had to reduce the total power consumption power the aluminum battery I had from the network Example I show so-called short really
  • 09:30: in this case radiator installed powerful so-called long on the entire length of the radiator so I decided be safe from and no mane in aluminum but as it turned out cast iron radiators and for sufficient volume of water and excellent and circulation when heated well I am working with standard short t contact it I have experience of friends so you can not bother with non-standard t us Now show what Still Foam I
  • 10:01: ordered a power and how section seen here that for a certain number of sections I chose radiators very minimal on power heating spirals Here for example is 11 iron sections which is placed about 15 liters of water I I chose PETN power only 08 kilowatt or at 800 watts this power is calculated this formula Starting here initial Water heating time This radiator
  • 10:30: primitive formula but tentatively power to count you can give in principle theory with practice almost coincided with the full the inclusion of this The heat sink to a temperature of 80 degrees somewhere behind hour and a half well, then due thermostat stably holds the desired temperature in Generally in the house of 5 I went to the rooms minimum 3 and the total power 2 kilowatt unlike 5 kilowatts boiler and Now every
  • 11:00: room can customize your individually temperature and addition this, together with the now heating has the ability to include additionally, other electrics so there are disadvantage when using Tennov in the low power radiators It is not so called stock power and very low temperature on the radiator in the street the house is not heated more than 70 degrees when
  • 11:30: that he will always on so if you there is a possibility that better to put the heating spirals powerful way when use of such thin Tennov water the thermostat can be not to put So in conclusion I say that this type of heating use 2 years for the period no complaints there the water does not evaporate During this time I did not
  • 12:00: I never topped up at home much warmer and more comfortable than on the boiler and heating also have considerable savings power which is important and very happy and also happy that manufacture of Autonomous heating all available easily and inexpensively I have put all huskies subscribe good luck