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We sew warm things for ourselves and relatives from old fur, giving it the second textile life the Master class - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:09: I do not have a bad nature weather there inappropriate clothing or until warmed Of course our hands house reanimate old fur give him second and bright life Now on the verge of a warm mat on a stool a new outfit and warming and
  • 00:30: pleasing the eye and on the breast fantastic beautiful warm collar for hot but the lights are not dangerous work today meets Tatiana Lazarev Hello dear spectators Kozma bars He offered even in summer going on a trip take with you something cushy but of course if we are is a winter cold
  • 01:00: then all the more necessary stock up on anything warm and comfortable, we today will foment creativity hot fire so to our house It was always warm and cosily for the national Calendar February 16 day of Simeon and Anna and people called him Fix this day mending Bruno men could not it
  • 01:30: make spring time and from field work and But women hid gaps and holes repaired certainly looked that can be used and old things we also analyze all our textile bins and look for something interesting well eg residues artificial fur the course can go old with knitwear things it can bright or not
  • 02:00: any fabric structure it can be silk chintz and I think you that if they combine creatively it can happen very interesting handmade woven cloth repairs may not be Only useful and practical matter they can be very exciting So we take some linings and
  • 02:30: her layers Put the note attention to internal this is the usual layer faux fur and on it we We put the most different patches of fabric the most important thing to they laid not by equity and by a angle of 45 degrees We oblique thread We lay like sandwich such tag stylish sandwich All scraps cover and base
  • 03:00: then the car we stitch to pave distances half or two centimeter normal machine line
  • 05:10: and by the way red-orange color shades we associate with holiday passion a carnival of joy and really look for work
  • 05:30: St. petersburg artist Valentina Nikulina it is their textile panels and called passionate Sambo Anthony Hopkins is not just awesome actor with some then also a painter and look at what bright rich colors he chose for his work to date the fire of passion, Sir Paul McCartney with some then also a painter With over brilliant beatles story he now engaged painting this work 1991 big mountain space so
  • 06:02: I called him and artist and we see some bright glowing he chose to paint their work and English prince, too conquering the Arctic I chose precisely suit this fire colors, and they agreed like ice and fire and now the most interesting we take or scissors can take advantage of the simplest instrument or are
  • 06:31: this interesting Roller knife that fixed like this and one way easy movement we We can cut all line that are between lines Now note It is already partially the fabric is cut and slotted base becomes very fluffy remember that the line laid by angle of 45 degrees and here
  • 07:01: some areas there where there is a beautiful flower pattern can be not leave cut and then get combined plus smooth texture rough
  • 08:40: we have mastered the reception very simple and practical you can get the product not only of various shapes texture and size but compare this little stool maths and it bedside rug and note where some areas with
  • 09:01: open fur pile somewhere below the pile and where it may just be some and textile section their sum It gives such great textile the splendor and the way Bin post boils smokes certainly not locomotive is not a ship ordinary iron women had to real work
  • 09:30: and a red-hot stove the museum utyugoff Pereslavl stored 200 copies of these tiny for mugs for up to a huge metal 10 pound first army mention metal irons are 1636 when Ivashki track I was instructed for the king's house close up iron iron and got it for this 5 Altai sometimes
  • 10:01: required to make a bold step and get to the ship to the ball for this is sometimes necessary very small details of which can be flick of the wrist get out of the ladies' purse scarf shawl or a beautiful tippet that we now Let us, in contrast to previous use the foundation will not heavy artificial fur but so beautiful very thin fabric we too laying small but bright scraps
  • 10:31: according to principle papier mache they are just tight closed base put them on remember 45 degrees can lay out multiple layers and if you have beautiful interesting drawing and you want to it is to emphasize in Time lines can be put under some fluffy filler and then drawing on your textile painting It will be allocated
  • 13:33: by the way such as iron on Russia for this used unique adaptation which is called Wrobel sometimes called him still reeling holiday and Levi married Canvas and was wound long and hard rolled canvas it was probably very hard and probably hard to like their ancient Greeks which drags Canvas between two red hot
  • 14:00: fireplaces and here Chinese took to this two deep pan filled sand or hot coals and probably worked it it was very hard and boring men perfected our tools and delivered it into our fragile female hands however we are not in them such offense American actress Meryl Streep asserts that only one who stroked himself underwear never ill star disease Steve Martin and actor
  • 14:31: He says that it is also very nice also nicely as iron cat calms So check We proceed to the second phase of our aid It comes again or roller blade or shears and stitched and the area we again rid of slot but a transparent substrate We need to show so it is with
  • 15:01: cutting a need will leave safely using Brush it can be any large or here so small you tease and pile obtained quite pretty interesting thing we too left do not cut this site beautiful flower just a pity traumatize scissors and so I
  • 15:30: It left him so how it was created artist
  • 16:57: and by the way iron
  • 17:08: bronze, cast iron traction were very a long time until 1967 year and were very roads today they are also road but as Memory collects them many vivid creative individuals Actor Boris e.g. Alexander Shcherbakov Oleshko Mikhail Shirvindt and very serious fly Dmitry Rogozin collectors irons more
  • 17:31: than collector painting called them press forces and their collections have unique well such as crystal Iron baccarat which It belonged to Charles hacks and now I I offer to do for themselves something This warm and cozy It is very beautiful warm surround collar base circle you can fold it
  • 18:02: several additions and the amount of such parts depends on your desire note item may be already or in the wider Depending on a width detail you need then you just cut one of these parts and You come up with a form note here piece ends an acute angle but his
  • 18:30: It can be done in the form of flower petal rounded or a straight line Then you cut out using cardboard pattern detail from tissue without forgetting seam allowance note that piece of cloth and cardboard stencil differ it is desirable to make is the width of the your foot sewing Machines usually 0 75
  • 19:02: millimeters Now we connect all parts of the fabric together it can be ring or semiring big enough for the length of the item when you You connect the two parts between themselves it's desirable bulavochkami mark the beginning and end of line bulavochki cleave strictly perpendicular to the seam then no
  • 19:30: prior you can mix very easy lay machine line directly on pins you can come here such a beautiful piece gathered a fan of individual elements Then you connect this beautiful fan with Lining and stitched by a little corner machine stitching
  • 20:02: and now we be warmed us paving machines place strictly delimiting every detail of the pin then take pintsetik soft fluffy and sintepon fill the space between the front part and furry lining filled you see the details become very fluffy and bulky
  • 20:31: fan length can be arbitrary look what interesting detail in such a large half-rings can be a wonderful beautiful interesting decoration for New Year's Eve
  • 22:20: need
  • 24:14: workshop completed you get today our warm creative and embrace hopefully you it did not spare All the best to new appointments but for the creative weather in our common house today meet
  • 24:30: Tatyana Lazareva