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  • 00:00: fiuza nor the circle in white color two children together needle for cross g3 and mail mm Let's make our initial adjust well.
  • 00:31: and in the sequence 63 chains with a total of 63 little chains we start a career
  • 01:02: Let's throw the thread and we'll introduce in the fifth chain from the needle the chain on the needle does not Then we'll tell you a couple of three four five Let's introduce here on Thursday. and make a high point we have introduced the wire we front chain
  • 01:34: another high point we launched the wire we produce in the front chain another high point let's make a point high within each chain had until the end of the race will be like this we reached the end of the race in points
  • 02:06: high Let's make a chain, let's turn the crochet to the side of the bird this and Let's get back to work on this. high points of career without launching thread let's introduce in the first high point and make a low 3 chains without passing the wire
  • 02:36: let's introduce in the next high point and make one point three more chains without passing the wire to the next high point and make a low three currents to the top of the front and make a point three more currents to the top of the
  • 03:08: front and make a low Let's work this way doing which is exactly the same as the career entire we are finishing the career that they we introduced the penultimate
  • 03:38: high point and we make a low 3 the front lines we have the three chains we had made for to start without blowing a bass top one three three chains that the fourth is the basis of the three that formed a high point
  • 04:10: let's introduce in the fourth chain lacing the yarn and pulling a throw inside the other we close the career with point very low Let's throw the wire through the the needle thread and cut our thread and let's cast off with a sewing needle this end of the work wire and the
  • 04:40: beginning of work with the strings sold Let's put the last career in low points directed towards our side on the right side let's roll like this
  • 05:10: our flower you just wind up realizing that the career line is always a slightly higher than the career in front line You may be dotting with using a sewing needle or using a of cola to have been you pass cola here in the crochet skit and goes
  • 05:41: always wrapping her flower with the round the outside a little higher than the inside spin ending take off the finish makes the sharing of very safe final hiding behind in this way and stay our flower
  • 06:14: coiled is very cute, graceful looks great in applications so much alone or in groups you can be enriching with plenty of leaves evaluating colors to enrich your application valuing your work