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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I want to bring to your attention offer optimized short version himself viewed recipe on my channel this cake ancient old option does not delete I will but I would like to show you a easy to see short version I wish all the recipe Bon Appetit and until we meet again on my channel until the eggs break into a bowl and Shake using forks or corolla We sift the flour and
  • 00:30: prepare pour into a separate bowl butter to melt the pan it is desirable to take pan out stainless steel and more pour little by little as the sugar Once it all melted mixture add soda after sending ash in the pan in the honey and then also pour our
  • 01:01: beaten eggs quickly Pour mix in the pan all at once flour is important act quickly so that the dough does not burnt at the same time to simmer we boil one or two minute further Put the dough on a a table and a little knead and more cut it into the same pieces in me in this case
  • 01:32: get 11 cakes forming lumps a homogeneous and more you know my secret that I went from Grandma is a pan with water and the top to this was the cover now I like this adapted saucepan in which I spread my lumps so that they fueled by roll out our
  • 02:03: and the resulting dough thin bed send to pan the laid parchment paper We put in the pan oven which I previously I warmed to 180 degrees and the time you see our lumps heated to they were easy to ride cream preparing for cake, we need cream I
  • 02:33: I send in the bowl for mixer and beat with sugar in This time I decided to improve recipe and add whipping cream I have this cream Petmol and 33 percent fat cream it turns over a creamy soft and thick Five minutes passed, and our cake is ready at advice of his
  • 03:03: subscribers numerous advice I crop the now it's like this way. whose convent cake Cover with top cover and special knife for pizza crop the tires and All cakes are obtained the same flat crop can use as a topping but I usually their eaten and her husband bake all Our cakes like
  • 03:33: usually it very very fast obtain further begin to gather our each cake cake promazyvayut sour cream I do not regret when cream I love when it more and so We act with all punishments I also grease the top and leave the cake on soak overnight and the next day I begin to decorate it This time I decided to rub walnuts
  • 04:04: nuts on a large grater and a large grater I rubbed chocolate here a cake turned this time I bake it for a day Born husband rather together we bake it out very great guests were Thank you all satisfied for attention and Bon Appetit I hope this recipe you will like cake really
  • 04:35: very tasty