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  • 00:00: Hello my name is a little Mongols I want to record to you a series of video tutorials by If you've always wanted to yoga on you can not group visits lessons you got to go well, because Now you have personal instructor and you You can engage in any time convenient for you time to practice you
  • 00:30: need 2 meters free space and Clothing not constraining movements engaged you need to empty stomach that is not sooner than 2-3 hours after administration food tell a little Statement start I engaged in yoga in February 2005 and of the first classes realized that this is my afterwards I finished school and
  • 01:00: He received a certificate instructor Hatha Yoga in 2009 with the month of October, I'm group lessons and start with the first my first lesson I I want to breath breathing is an important physiologically the body people can live there is market
  • 01:30: extended time without food and water but if you stop Breathing is a process people will die a few minutes but few aware that some it is important to roll it proper breathing she is It helps in the treatment of diseases such as asthma allergic bronchitis disease gastrointestinal tract and
  • 02:00: Cardiovascular systems strengthens muscles and contribute to rejuvenation of the whole the body Science of Breath Hatha Yoga is called it is different performed 3 3 at least one cycle is
  • 02:32: inhale and exhale and gradually increases to 14 Dec. runtime should exercise to focus on If you are tired of learn to relax the basis of all pranayama It is complete Yogic breathing in
  • 03:02: a very large political it promotes Purification of the body improve the exchange of matter strengthening the heart it regulates and normalizes blood pressure and above all giving feeling of freshness with such breathing
  • 04:02: the lower part dealers hurry there is no massage Orcs my voice February 8 and 9 not carried out and by the light breath conclude this complete way
  • 04:32: breath memorial evening full breathing can be realize special sitting standing poses and will make calmly walking main condition something your spine rectified begin to develop full breath I I recommend position Lying in this position easier to feel
  • 05:04: divorce from respiratory muscles and particularly suitable those people who and weaknesses and trained muscles back and who find it difficult support straighten the spine rectified or I like to eat what disease spine and so let us go on floor, close your eyes and put one hand Statement on the stomach area navel and the second hand on his chest like this
  • 05:37: close your eyes and we We start development breathing underfloor phrenic try breathing breathe so only move lower arm together tummy upper and remained stationary breath carried Only through the nose when you learn
  • 06:21: diaphragmatic breathing is possible move on to the development of thoracic breathing now you have breathe so that you and lower still top moves with chest okay when you master two
  • 06:53: type of ring we We begin to join them and add one more inclusive and breathing gets full breath for we We start with a tummy inflated tummy we continue to breathe rises native cell tummy slightly pleases wherein automatically and we continue to breathe learn and rise
  • 07:23: in the same order breathing out is lowered until the end belly first and then It falls apart and down collar bone respiration one place and the same order start and tummy ends too tummy down up try to breathe full breath do three cycles relax
  • 07:54: try again if tired it means enough and continue to following full practice master the breath him and do daily lessons with you Gupi video tutorials where calves I'll give you a set of exercises aimed at prevention and treatment of diseases spine with you was alla Voronkov See you next
  • 08:26: video lessons information, see on my site a little enemies. cheers