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  • 00:09: and Hello everyone today today is Friday will cook whit Today I'll show you how you'll just such peppers steep here are we all peppers sold
  • 00:31: Here's how to make one very cool just snacks fast io Paladins for this it is necessary to plate generally it is possible do I have Some methods can Make the top of the strands of the oven I'm going to do today on top of that so carrier for this we must first prepare a plate so you do not teach immediately take the palm
  • 01:03: use 2 comfort and here extend person
  • 01:31: it turned into a plan hou muffins and wipe it is important to have a joke but remember a bunch should be well pass 1 than dry peppers usually because that we are now bake them cook will bake Well
  • 02:00: incinerate a small fire and puts so mediocre he has enough and We put on the breasts still in Persia Here you can see the peach function periodically Now look at them well,
  • 02:31: well Picheta change their position here bring down and bake more all the time, do not forget turn if there is anything burnt seems it is necessary that good well they did as The same can be done
  • 03:00: on the barbecue that's where kebabs and makes You can also do These peppers or above coals me wrong situation like this too convenient this is how they baked it let the juice bursts so you can see all bake good thing do not forget foil, otherwise you
  • 03:30: then the spouse will Percy baked such snack will generally the guy does not pepper I regret now as squeeze it excellent growth perfectly so when we saw that he was already all slept well you already enjoy as a inflamed take
  • 04:00: and it is designed to roasting bag Bag Oven and these peppers not considered the heart not enough stung Victor sale killed these points texts already Rasul I'm baking for bake
  • 04:34: just awful not know Does he stand at such temperature oven exactly stand here such kulechek unfold this able to leave minutes 15-20
  • 05:02: Let them here Now good think whether we We are preparing a possible plate clean about three and not set and all the troubles crime will be hide
  • 05:31: It was not good all of us were not here it knocks passed minutes will paint So they continue to already here as steamed
  • 06:03: little balls but we will have to work so Netovkina day shift the and begin to feel and that night we walked will fall
  • 06:33: Now it is cleared very simple, even here see how well everything flies here shkurochka just pulled all it is very good you can clear than more from this Palicki best cleanse also very well We take this figure and Here it is visible that purify
  • 07:00: it lags behind another side to clean That's how the first living Simple Plain lesson it so directly on the cult compress and tightened so let chicken clean chat bag of all and then for I can get longer knife completely and much faster turns even this You do as they wish
  • 07:31: it as you like here ascot quickly and everything remains kulochki Now you can clean up a bit longer manually modicum Here's the place the bulk of already cleaned here
  • 08:04: finally it turns out like this Right now, we even a little under Vodicka it rinse Filaret I will have a piece of Here is a ready further here take the next part
  • 08:31: middle, and leave this is just a little bit a little stones that a bag really go down because shift normal and such baking Now it is cleared
  • 09:07: very good bags cleared just beautiful Olya also not see how was the turns to remove
  • 09:31: the middle of a wash little and little bring to mind we have you see how All leaves also removed I reveal Ahab take away something that I
  • 10:00: need I need here these parts a little cleaning finally to using some water Now show me happened I prepared here they are already peppers well-baked Now I have
  • 10:31: will do appetizer it was still only men's sex case also can in the kitchen currently find something do something here and so we do more more and there the hand cut into here are stripes is already
  • 11:02: which strips do each to his own taste then it's all possible just be like snack apply It can be seen like this and look where we are this service stack can be just salads add there is not just a garnish apparently I personally do Arkania such strips I like then
  • 11:30: such stripes can make sandwiches doing such croutons enclose a top pepper look get what Beauty is what there immediately foresee questions will ask for that table is the table all This stone is granite I have a granite yamaha even hammer knock course they are also very much
  • 12:02: understand Greek women what it is two dandruff as it turns out classroom by piece this is not just another a half already will not work as the same Of course almost almost almost almost energize
  • 12:34: presented the game pack a box facades called yet we either roasted over the coals making over the fire It makes on the grill Percy then such connection time will show which in the oven do if someone fears Fire arrange as I do today joke normal and arrange to make someone
  • 13:05: He wants there garlic can fill I personally garlic I will fill the He showed some how to make a video smoked olive oil that's in red bottle I smoked here then watered little then to like taste would be like on fire because It is very like
  • 13:32: strong smell smoked role as a means Black and now take from me there is here rosemary Jikji icon thread oil also olive and here it it can even more Now all this well well as the Olympus and say butter flavored which I'll show you how do the last video
  • 14:01: well now it peremeshaem kids snack foundation I kept it will Then here and so cap will cover and a refrigerator all snack ready enjoy and repeat prescriptions
  • 14:30: refuel such Now fragrant all sorts of olive oils and Enjoy while before following video