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  • 00:09: Hello, friends today we prepare you to hell with chicken and vegetables quite beautiful tasty dish that easy to prepare our ingredients You will need chicken actual noodles Funchoza three types peppers of different colors it is the more colors the beautiful soy
  • 00:31: salt pepper sauce milliliters 70100 a maximum of white wine can be Roma some regaled Pain and seeds sesame and onion chicken cut into strips and then into cubes cubes but whether it is two two centimeters the same should get that during frying meat and vegetables roast away from irrigated getting smaller so who studied meat
  • 01:03: laying form it is better that it was big enough this will reduce the area number of his sun we just save you product spread meat and fill the form Soy sauce sauce should cover the meat Once you have it meat will mix no longer do
  • 01:30: too much of its sauce you get enough in the cabin there are many salt mix chicken keep it close We should be here like this somewhere three hours During these three hours periodically mix to soy sauce result weighs metal standing seals at that time prepare vegetables We take our pepper Clean and chop them also into cubes
  • 02:00: then as you longer well, not particularly like The tinier because Pepper will also be a little less after heat whose processing was to her as pepper We cut immediately possible chopped onion club well use will end of the so put in side of the chicken marinate oil is heated to
  • 02:30: pan and hot oil we spread our chicken Shkulev over a little way pripustit fry warm up immediately add it then our our vegetables pepper sprinkle with sesame seed all stir and also roasted toast all this should be all the time over high heat, and average rather big always great it is desirable to do so in a frying pan and into well
  • 03:00: First, it will conveniently in the second is exactly pozharka to be it is in the middle of cooking We introduce our meals Alcohol also has a We mix and wait 10-15 minutes lyrical try meat and vegetables on the readiness total hot there will be entertaining and minutes 20 at the end of the cooking We prepare our base but something about this one
  • 03:30: two piece man, I was preparing for 4 so he took two Funchoza omitted in boiling water Hang in there literally 15 seconds to throw down drushlag and that's just such a notched study in raw form is not cooked cut into very small part difficult it pours I invented here such here's a way boiled poncho easily with a knife cut more simple
  • 04:01: introducing the resulting Our hot and well stir process add this to our beauty chopped onion in to this end main stage all stir thoroughly and give authentic like that under the cover and pans 10 minutes then it will ready and can be will deliver competition course then on the dog salt
  • 04:30: Pepper who loves witty please every dish looks quite nicely very good and tasty well on this at We all as always Bon Appetit and light cooking
  • 05:52: and