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  • 00:00: on that part of Ukraine where it is not conducted so called antiterrorist The operation is conducted levy operation money from the population including those who rode on the Maidan on this the week again sharply tariffs for zhk and this is only first stage 2 in August and then autumn will come and not yet it is very clear than to heat cities A program from 10 points number one biofuels in Ukrainian version by no means corn ordinary manure but here will the beast give him enough to suffice at least for Kiev for the ongoing observes petr to the top I will say I will pay for
  • 00:32: I do not know the apartment came to destroy the cowards noise under windows Supreme Rada with every day getting louder and the contingent more diverse pensioners do not enough money for medicines and rent here dissatisfied with the judiciary they consider that the judge does not serve femida and wait their oligarchs banners unfolding borrowers of foreign exchange whose loans are already 8 million 200 of them solved the problem with suicide and living with falling of the hryvnia exchange rate only grows will pay it off already is impossible
  • 01:02: apartment 32 fights payments of 240 fingers all should cross sixth suit even the most necessary goods continues grow many experts they say that pricing in the country no longer has no economic justification and indeed the economy is on the brink of this week about this reported muscular I appreciate the nerves edge of us is on cape there left in the Rosh Ukraine nym and they
  • 01:32: losses of enterprises for a few months grew fivefold in September predicts actually and closing Zaporozhye car factory ended accessories which manufactured on enterprises donbass there production destroyed by war buy analogs for border too expensive and Kiev armored factories already bankrupt worker assure that their director leonid sila the Minsk thief stole 50 million hryvnas and I lost this this new chapter
  • 02:02: administrations Desniansky district kiev peter cousin dick fascist party freedom which organize a march under the slogan of the bandit the order will come will guide promised a new order and ruthless struggle with corruption but for two months so nothing and not made indignant inhabitants of the district now begin to struggle with take an example with activists of the Maidan they broke into governor's office Khmelnytsky region leonid coward and demanded his resignation and at the same time high post for one of its associates
  • 02:32: save politics had to through the window meanwhile there is little history local policies they decide geopolitical the problem of Kiev threatens official closing of ports Crimea, although it is already Russian territory frightening the shipowners and captains who will want to enter eparatorium kerch Sevastopol and Yalta serious fines and even in prison but the Ukrainian Parliament allowed give in control
  • 03:02: American and European companies almost half the sacred cow ukraine 49 percent its gas transport system we need dipstick from European and we need to together with European and American companies of ukraine which will own and a controlling interest of shares in the operator's office companies more earned and that our eastern and Northern neighbors do not built the southern stream in a bypass of ukraine at other circumstances for a few years russia will bypass Ukraine
  • 03:32: other gas pipelines and Ukrainian pipe it will be possible only that the air swings a while legislators 11 and a half billion hryvnias exactly so much is worth The recently adopted populist laws for execution of which There is no money in the budget deputies have an idea how to fill it for the sake of the law special customs duty specifically for books in Russian language we help and refueling is required introduce a fee for import of Russian-speaking products in ukraine
  • 04:02: lead by 5% duties on the Russian book if it was mine will I generally have a villa with a percentage of a cat irina pharion argues that this duty per year the budget will earn 2 million UAH which will be allowed on support of books on Ukrainian they are strangely all less popular in independent Ukraine books on the sea much less than in Ukraine Soviet even people speaking in became Ukrainian less this week complained famous musician oleg violin but in
  • 04:32: all in the opinion of majority politicians are to blame Moscow we think will be due to traces Russian books we should put the shield of the Russian book Russian book which destroying our spirituality is brings in the Russian world which today is destructive like this lola tournament has come the news of the end metropolitan of the Kiev Vladimir he was loved by the parishioners and respected by many enemies years he fought for the faith in difficult conditions stored and preserved canonical
  • 05:03: unity Orthodox Church who will have to bear this cross is on yet predict it is difficult especially now the situation of course , heavy we all know about it but in the history of our church is far from being the first time develops similar situation back in time ancient Russia periodically happened princely strife in fact war between separate princedoms and the church Russian does not
  • 05:34: we were splitting up hope for the best we hope for help God and think that the unity of our church will remain unwavering now more than ever influential forces aim which this unity break and move the country is closer to European valuable so long as the truth it turns out somehow not very gay parade which as in Europe so dreamed of holding on Saturday in kiev decided to cancel law enforcement officers stated that they will not be able to ensure order and protection of participants a
  • 06:04: on the eve of the day independence of the united states unknown burned symbol of america Eagle sculpture established in Kiev However, beyond the upset on the contrary connected states of america increased the annual financing security of ukraine up to 23 million dollars of money go to the border guards and the belligerent Donbasse Poroshenko already stated that no unilateral The cease-fire does not will Donetsk Lugansk will squeeze by the proposal
  • 06:48: President defense becomes valerius he has relations with the army has no but he has related communication and quality as diligence a this is what the new minister defense can not boast so this courage and skill keep the word 2008 the current minister defense has MPs fight happy nestor shufrycha And he took in response and accepted the challenge but jelly from a duel refused but now promises to fight seriously promise you
  • 07:18: ensure that peace and order in our country territorial integrity and its sovereignty I'm sure ukraine will win and memorable is not the parade will be killing water Ukrainian Sebastopol deputies all applaud the agility screams out a slogan fame of Ukraine and signs the oath on fidelity and which is interesting not having taken off handles cap right-hand minister appoint professional military victor he struggled with a male for democracy in Iraq and personally commanded
  • 07:48: Ages forces troops donbass now The morale must lift up these people for poroshenko his another person of his team chicken billionaire Yuri Kosyuk becomes the first deputy head of administrations the next oligarch of power is responsible for security counter-terrorism operations but this weekend in the very heat of battle spend abroad on vacation people remaining on the maidan are no longer satisfied and promise again rise but their already nobody hears
  • 08:18: Maidan's business made him quietly dismantle the Luther apex of anastasia martynov and alexander Ivanovo Center of events