Lyudmila Medvedko

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  • 00:01: She next holiday attacks The title was possible in 5 minutes on May 10 that all We need a couple of meters of fabric Ambassador of the board is very simple but effect All this of course only two jars side a sweet syrup liberals Nalchik so called leak indicative femininity and elegance I think that to them at my grandmother's trunk give birth in the middle of the last century it was popular here are bright flowing fabric that
  • 00:30: It called Prikotenko initially below our planet than you can imagine It supposed to have never needed process is now very little time It turns out very simply cut out tissue rectangle length to width of 160 thousand and 140 cm Yegor add up to four times per quarter Now all attention only mark carpark just below the waist is metered with middle of the fourth death aluminum motto from yachts in length is 60 centimeters
  • 01:02: side gills fixing the Muscovites law It left to do just one long a period of 5 to 12 4 cm neck edge processing is not necessary Shalaev side conversation was such that wind shifted and solemnly but resides on the machine on materials this dress is not recommended large decorations pillar e.g. Kazbek Kozaev
  • 01:37: Tuscany for two days, two new joint Ivanov dress You can meet the guests in all its glory Only Knight actor Konstantin hooks