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  • 00:00: good day lovers the knitting today offer consider lesson here on knitting this leaflet is one made in one tone is performed 2 bicolour depending on course the quality of the thread and
  • 00:31: Ott thickness It depends looks different this leaflet this piece of paper I I called like itself for themselves leaflet Bird fever and today I offer your attention here such a master So we start with the class you will knit Knit 2 dichromatic with a white piece of paper threads and threads of gray as seen earlier this video but do not know
  • 01:01: knit we are We begin to do the first loop and 16 air loop 2 and 4 did she's not till 16 air noticed loop and made 3
  • 01:31: sc lifting loop and 16 years provyazyvaem column one sc Bix is one sc but here it was formed Here is such a window you see him Now we are We will be with you in this the twine box column on the genes we do we start sc
  • 02:03: hook under the bar grab loop Again we do sc Again kill column again, so you can do three or four times, depending on the one who plans What i need to get naturally from thread thickness here at We had a such a we make 3 column
  • 02:33: three loops 3 sc in the loop based chain, we calculate a 1 2 3 the fourth loop, we We are responding to a column one need to sc was a little tighten the loop slippery thread 4 loop 1 to 3
  • 03:05: 4 I did this column and fend for Unakite column under the sc sc column column 3 sc and I reached do not mind
  • 03:37: lost loop sc Here you can see that I got it, I I will make before the end of the series and Here I'll show you dovyazala until the end a number we've got here such here 5 broken bars it can be 2 and 3 4 depends on you want how long you want
  • 04:07: I do see now 3 air loop 3 aerial loops and grounds which it was the beginning bars provyazyvaem coupling loop now I just polustolbikami Tie on the perimeter So you see both perimeter and take a walk Tie to tighten or sealed it himself the very foundation of this leaf
  • 04:38: I take a walk behind the scenes because under the camera not very convenient hands go but I can not see I think there is clear understood as make a ponytail tail thread we associate knitting for To it we not to dissolve and so So I dovyazala up end of one of the rows can do not must cut
  • 05:09: tail so that it us not hurt and now I I want to do as to spout fox. so I suggest and that's another loop and Now one two three do you cop this peak we would like and continue to spout mouth put two more
  • 05:39: three columns and certainly keep further undergirding bind you to understand so now we have turned such as to spout on center go bars and so I dovyazala until the end a number, you see, and we you have determined that
  • 06:09: Here we will be here our nose leaf here we are doing on this side do tail stake We already was tied with all sides can be little foothold more centered and Now since we general that you have decided provyazyvat this flower two two thread of different colors so now cut here and
  • 06:39: and fasten thread transfer to another thread color her thread I turn inside inside so we will knit this country inside out I take the other does not like me I have already prepared and its Well I fix it on center I fix the center Now I take the first
  • 07:12: the second thread will not protok handed it to her along the knitting can be white thread even pre the best it can be then leave make a separate I'm starting this thread knit sense of knitting I want to show it Here you can see the foundation here we go here such loop here we It goes in a loop which has a rear and front wall
  • 07:43: and rear wall Front Our task knit the rear wall to I turned over volume knitting I make one loop and rear wall grabbing my blue thread and provyazyvayu sulfur thread I associate for the building and to its White then just or additionally, I see it will be visible behind the back wall
  • 08:15: but the rear wall this is done to her it was more voluminous to the volume of rice was visible. but your great on the rear wall
  • 08:46: White left gray can already cut to make it not interfere then I continue knitting show that we with you we do Now you knit this one's number then the number you see I have it somewhat such as if the volume our task with you dovyazat not fully Now that the spout
  • 09:18: which we did not until the end to I left it as a tip least one edge we are now one edge finish I will show here I dovyazala until the end number and turn it I will go in the opposite one side of the loop back again for wall capture
  • 09:48: to the rear Atomic wall for To make it the volume I hope that this visible and clear yes our our task a task knit as sku edge as ribs how much it is needed
  • 10:19: I see the following I begin to knit longer dovyazyvaya like here is not pressuring for 5 following it again maybe three or four five as you We need your I finish the edition we see the result So I made a few cloves I have 4 cloves You can do more and I have now this region looks so here is not quite I offer beautifully
  • 10:50: it just go and tie, as it were about making a rib So and now the same way we descend down undergirding the rear wall to
  • 11:20: here to get path Well So So and that we are, as it were extended
  • 11:51: Our leaflet edge Now the central we need to do here such here flourishes again curls, you can plan their own It can be done more less those where we have me They obliged with a column sc here I do not have just polustolbikom all depends on that you plan and associate it as a You want to look
  • 12:21: this piece so I now invite I do the following I make 5 air loops 3 4 5 proschityvaya here we have 4 loops and 5 provyazyvayu connective column 5 5 sts February 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 to the fifth loop we provyazyvaem
  • 12:54: connective column here I I attach a photo directly behind yes I order that there was no such time connections ugly and two three four or five times two Three May 4 we provyazyvaem connecting us This embodiment is not are all the same one two three 4 May can 6 and to make and do
  • 13:25: More again 1 2 3 4 only a fifth depend from this it will have us whether over whether less convex times Two Three May 4 six 7 and you can do here let's finish almost
  • 13:55: grounds wear of the tip of foxes. turn knitting and we are with you amp bench it's all you can knit just polustolbikom very tight live one polustolbik next to each other again Still, I can say all knit and column one
  • 14:27: nakida he just It will be a little higher this edge well, and I Now, for simplicity and do so I do not think loop why because me, it can be one number loops you more knitting density different thread in the center of I fix and center I start again fasten Now it turns out
  • 15:02: such tougher because here and only take away both Now I will finish and look here I finished watching form our parks the first two arches I knit just polustolbikom but I made the following I have a column with one
  • 15:32: sc you can see how you like more and perform Depending on this, we have reached the end or before the beginning of leaflet if tip is to start yes Here you can It depends on you plan your product You can finish it and can fix do more eyelets let there five six again all
  • 16:03: depends on your products and just Now knit polustolbikom polustolbikom for to like fix the tail we need it will not I need your products this has already been defined themselves but it can be do here so here here's a simple way you cut its consolidated basis
  • 16:35: you can knit coupling loop but look cut thread lesson I drink thread certainly hide knitting and here we Now this has turned here's a leaflet with tail see here no other option tail Now mom
  • 17:05: performance and you have plan how you make your products but today, I think It was clear when pleasant place huskies subscribe for the next video and today I am with you goodbye see you soon meetings and creative
  • 17:35: you all success good