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Cucumbers. One more new way of landing of cucumbers.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear Friends, I'm glad you welcome again on your garden site and as always today we are with you will talk yes yes and our cucumber on the cucumber have been planted bags I promised you to show what I have will the ministry of which they will trail Look, we shot down frame as football Gates pulled the net I bought into the net all 38 and this grid
  • 00:31: already started to if you carefully look look ASU's already here cucumbers soon they bloom two or three days maybe bloom that is, Soon this the beds we We will eat cucumbers and now I want you show one more a bed that is how way I have put let's go and
  • 01:00: see how I have are look carefully at this structure that is this is my hit by a warm box bed inside me It is well, just about anywhere the floor of the box firewood dung that is something that
  • 01:30: cucumbers creates heat Then I top small spread ground earth and planted layer cucumbers cucumber seedlings I planted look carefully moving and as well as those cucumbers cucumbers that I I planted in diaper Now they have two of this. i.e see what they clip and and we also shot down here is construction pulled grid and cucumbers will be
  • 02:01: trail I passed you I want to say that I very face when cucumbers trailing vertical why they are easy to collect for They are easy to care them easily feed that is cucumber does not like to a bed so we We collect cucumbers turned the whip turned the sheet is very bad for cucumber and here we carefully choir we collect cucumbers when will we harvest I will
  • 02:30: necessarily show how much to This concludes its small small report all the best to new meetings and to goodbye