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Creation of a pattern of a dress with a smell from chiffon Part 2  See details »

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  • 00:08: in the second part of the lesson we'll continue to construction dress smell and long sleeve and the way they engaged to the shelves I have said, let's remove all here unnecessary lines we do not required ie delete here it's all we do not need that is if you elongated armholes on
  • 00:30: be sure to back We do this and the front half on the same centimeter and will also be reshape it rebuilt OKATO sleeves up but that's about I have already said in the the first part of our lesson so removed all is now superfluous we modify the neck I submitted to accordance with the then neck neck we have deepened on the back two centimeters of shoulder line means to the front half to do the same
  • 01:00: thing on the same two centimeters so We did put Now at the bottom of a notch neck we do not that we will not because it is not principle and in general, in principle, nothing to finish building until you need it need to do select all front mate and select mirror command reflect it on the line middle forehand maintaining the original
  • 01:30: copied parts now we need to waist line previous that we had such a way by not we just come Now trim clean that's all inside us there we must now understand what we added two back We build the smell itself select team dugan from the middle of the top end portion
  • 02:00: we've got here I choose direction without it our mode of mouth Now it is impeding Well, something like this way so now pryamkom in the team arc also there beginning ending here in the middle, direction here direction have already been must be selected that she was symmetrical rear approximate halves it seems to me to be quite normal here
  • 02:30: we ourselves I build all that We need to be so well here it is already possible directly choose to finish building command and elongation We build here are Borders yes look that from this so will he Basically it is normal that we had just You need to ask for it at we smell on you and Now remove all unnecessary lines
  • 03:00: which we pretty strong now prevented so 200 to build it up white It will help to make more accurately even as I now this in this way you can not do
  • 03:31: yeah straight cut and because it will be well flared element but you can do so Well, let's okay even all that Have time and then the front half also will be the same
  • 04:00: connected so hit here and here again team it will not give Now we all excellent yes copy the next part of our pattern
  • 04:36: all minor elements copy now! see whether we done correctly so Here we copied this part Now here we remove So
  • 05:05: finish it here that retired me and See Now here we remove these darts and here and pull a land so not here, we need to simply remove these the entire line with that
  • 05:31: components and the do need to one so here I section is not completed is bad could it is good to lose you I noticed and so this element Now we remove the they must be connect 1 days here here
  • 06:04: we got two part to Next, we need close breastplate tuck translation and in recessed waist as business as usual on any product with command turn contributed base. reference angle
  • 06:31: close like this here's dart We opened it all remove the strike line shoulder because here it is also I docked and we We need a whole joined fine with us here also not completed so to do the same
  • 07:00: in the second half in Basically details we symmetrical so not necessarily make the second part, and you can it does not remove the exactly the same it's just that we to finish building do smell something wrong with Murat her mode bear
  • 07:30: that's just it will need to reflect mirror on the fabric to now deal select order division and divide by let's back on not to give 3 although that would be a check on the 4 but now we do you soft fold here tower sodium and select
  • 08:03: team Tuga beginning end in 1 of the dots direction without mode artov well prevent us as well, about 2 arc arrival and a third to us It will be built in Now the middle of this length and direction
  • 08:39: something like this points can be removed and the team a break in point just as we need for each of these points These are the things at the bottom
  • 09:02: breaks here here here let unfold pins bad first select so the team rotation fifth-wheel
  • 09:33: and the second point of this area's middle We now obtain re-allocate I have been here this site team turnaround supporting the base point paragraph 1, a pair of stage 2 Yes, I lose you all
  • 10:00: and then gradually move us again and the rotation support reference point and support in this way for clarity, you can show yes I mean I show one such moment here we will fold this very soft At elegance element
  • 10:30: and then the drape here very important method but if you sew remember last year we had such expired skirts here so that's a little bit skewed folds strapped in one side as done on the lining He sewn skirt shift nose one side up Type the answer is
  • 11:00: interesting point the same thing consider in this sewing this dress that is soft folds we stearin we will build here yes that is Now on to this value Ethics at the waist and to distribute it on the length and beckons here something like the same way it
  • 11:32: waist skirt so that is It would be nice look here rather it will be difficult sewing so newcomers likely this dress is not quite it will be easy to sew So but still I dostroyu up for clarity it was seen that we done beginning ending
  • 12:13: So here great to have a you also ready Now the remaining months bear A little bit over here
  • 12:30: Lining is us you can do Tatiana possible need to make a port of the there is little extend this to inside copy so it is up to mid possible to I could not see it myself It smells so remained in you and me sleeve sleeve
  • 13:01: must be extended 57 cm because he, too, little will we extended mode so hordes will include So so we draw a line
  • 13:32: the bottom long do here so yes then we naturally already we modify but now We need it so So did the cuff height 7 can be even 8 centimeters postpone up eight centimeters hold perpendicular down
  • 14:04: here and here Now you can crop here and here, and death in his wrist yes how much it plus a couple centimeters and can even increase I just Sause Now the eyes do one and a half centimeters from each side
  • 14:37: thus gather what is here So etc. this is all so coins we are ready Malta is on the model
  • 15:01: It comes with the cut has a zipper on the buttons but since we dress pretty and so hard I did not or simply offer do the usual Jumbo and his hands will more or less easier as interesting look cuff we tough that is, keep in shape and orcs light chiffon so mother, it will be stick on the wrist and thus will
  • 15:31: lifted the sleeve therefore do a small extension let's look at three and a half centimeters is quite enough you can even just 30 do so left and right each side of the sleeve now take and on the other team
  • 16:00: I start without clamping unit vector remove somewhere here We are doing here is more or less fins th 'transition you go with me to the other hand and direction so Normatov Now here and now cut off the
  • 16:30: all this can be removed because they do not need it does not have gone, we shall complete then could just cut in then here's all
  • 17:00: this pattern platishko we have with you ready