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How to connect socks by spokes from an elastic band to a heel - the Lesson 4 - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:00: I continue to work on svyazochki us to the means I have connected gum and I continue to knit web to knitting the heel It means heels have certain began to distance gum made 1 of 1 loop and now I I translate all the work with linking to the full facial loops see
  • 00:30: where was Wrong charge the front face of the loop He goes face and I knew that it is racial petelechka face again those who knits woman not very good understand if it means the face of the person she's Gorny with and if will stash it turns out that's a uzelochek sleep or rice petelechki I fail I such affairs of the church I am getting it from the bottom I grab it here rare working deduce
  • 01:00: it through the loop here warm nest egg on knot and she Here's how it turns out it gives a nerd Surveying If I remove the wrong environment front then I work for me will work Gorny's this relief there will be no such It will be the aliasing and so I finished and Now I will introduce white yarn I also took a night here
  • 01:32: this yarn I took it, I will show it is also such a good home yarn and I took two I will take strings two strings are responses of smooth start sweets I do not need to show are two marks and I using some of it It will be more beautiful sock will be the
  • 02:02: original will touch warmer it is easier to count the ranks so here I unerringly finds then it's now here at This tips rather than I pay attention so Thread color swung here and front will vyvyazyvayut tips and until securing when the first pass ryadochek I then fastened it Now I had not noting here
  • 02:32: on the tips of his not I fix attention not treat them intervention and so here in a circle that is now simply as if drawing I vyvyazyvaya downtime a simple drawing but to some extent of course it will be decorate the sock and I on the other hand will facilitate account that's up to the end I will go it is easy to fit in where fast and easy
  • 03:02: In the way that do not waste time, I still show that my groin at the end turn then here are a number of beige white rice without and white I knit all see how easy assume will beat you start 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 little white and 6 series if the daughter
  • 03:32: I vyvyazyvayut and of June 6 12 here is how you again want this is the canvas for heel can be still tied more can be less court is a matter of taste and how well you will wear that is, it is easy and quickly here now Now after this tight lie I only ryadochkov what I want to Ceresit then how to cut This is my next member It follows that seen
  • 04:02: well kill the asuras I think it is necessary to