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Porridge according to Sherlock Holmes's recipe  See details »

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  • 00:15: now we prepare porridge well, of course not to wear I'm sure it I rented for oat
  • 00:30: porridge we need oatmeal here I such a mixture of barley buntings cynical here a hundred times this serving two person fill two glasses such as boiling water
  • 01:00: cover with a lid and reserve porridge zaparivatsya 5-7 minutes of this we have passed You see seven minutes porridge almost absorbed chu swollen in water We put on a plate add a little milk in hell park so here and I splashed I add the milk to Togo
  • 01:31: milk and add to to porridge was over whether Succulent just just on the water and it too fresh but it turns out a little if you add milk something wonderful get somewhere add a spoonful of sugar need half who loves the sweeter more forward said while the porridge boils and and then translate and
  • 02:01: small fire porridge should be regularly Stir to it us not to burn and evenly cook properly so way we cook porridge somewhere up to ten minutes if not enough water is you can top up with us it is sufficient to Shiva jitka continue to cook can cover cover and so is our ready-made porridge
  • 02:32: see it thickens in lirene and we turn impose mush in dish here yet there was one piece now we will add breakfast hot cereal piece butter in porridge can be added various raisins dried fruit jam but we today
  • 03:00: We will eat our porridge with cherry jam is such beauty in We have received no wait to try Bon Appetit I wish you a very porridge useful oatmeal Eat on health see you
  • 03:34: invite Canterville Ghost us drunken mess guests