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Deficiency of copper and Zinc Ogulov A. T.  See details »

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  • 00:00: We are talking about the food Here you can treated with several positions general word medicine It consists of two words to copper and zinc is that the body so there is never enough Now let consider the son oh that is, as the copper just not enough copper that we see gray hair development mushrooms all I can even list what disease
  • 00:32: caused by deficiency copper is almost here Listen and do not you metal life slightest deficiency can to provoke many anime and bronchial asthma bronchitis vitiligo glaucoma dystrophy muscles idiopathic hy-hy and gizia with impotence lack of libido coronary heart disease myopathy heart neuritis osteoporosis raw diabetes Minkin syndrome with toxicosis pregnancy pregnant pulmonary tuberculosis schizophrenia
  • 01:00: exotic ataxia epilepsy Now anime ankylosing spondylitis antral gastritis atherosclerosis Dowd no cancer disease rickets rheumatoid arthritis cirrhosis of the liver peptic ulcer stomach it is all copper deficiency Now imagine that copper is involved in that Well it affects another solvency
  • 01:30: strongly connective tissue pay attention to the phenomenon of Only man paunchy who is the first thing that tested deficit copper all hernias are present inguinal hernia Pahom sho night umbilical Hernia white line is All copper deficiency and very sharp large deficits and remember in the old descriptions starts from chicken that did peasants to solve the problem of hernia or hernia climbed somewhere in the groin or there femoral groin
  • 02:00: femoral they up In order that the copper sawdust bread planed have always It has been in use in the Russian copper crosses were found copper Cross watch now copper rings were get the brass rings ring jewelery no copper in the east still Asians have a copper dishes have a copper Only one dish remembrance of pi soldiers from copper mugs tear there burnout know what there are also measuring cup
  • 02:30: He has been in the imperial army it as usual soldier's situation because in the first place People could not drink hot tea copper mug scorching that is, he drank a tea which allowed Mug and secondly copper ions entering the human organism as a I would do prevent another interesting feature the mines where copper was development on copper no mines never sick Oncology It was not ill with
  • 03:01: were other people dying of diseases but not by oncology ie copper controls the development of fungi and here is the mold in which We often appears form pigments is deficit in the first all copper so when we you can see the patient in whose first hernia that copper deficiency and when children bring babies umbilical hernia the first thing you are usually tied up
  • 03:30: or copper platelets in tights or nosochek and we are the copper platelets baby walks so But when the deficit copper there is always that blackens the area where the place contact with if copper opinion marketing who is skin irritation but practically I'm not irritated seen in the ground and you note because people to consume this copper from 2 to 5 milligrams per day and Now one more thing is
  • 04:00: sour milk it products violates the assimilation copper in the body and so if you today ate carry dairy the product is you created deficit copper deficiency and in fact found please it found throughout the Chlorophyll is the green also This copper marine products and now the there is virtually copper It inhibits the growth of mushrooms and son how
  • 04:31: medicine what is this trace element It is zinc It hinders the development of herpes in the body so I can you say that most mass of people and you shall say will this face when We reached some level and further kidney not exempt from problems and then you makes it simple test and this test is ages tested in rush in China is put this area should be
  • 05:00: body or over but the area where Whether with the pathology side or stomach Bank country back on 20-25 minutes if you got out This herpes blisters is a virus Epstein-Barr who struck body unfortunately our Medicine does not He sees but rather due to of what we see, we We solve this problem and if you furnished the human and banks this such and climbed he had blisters on the body
  • 05:30: how I burn you then show you all You will see it And so this is something like time and can cause stroke cirrhosis of the liver kidney disease urinary pathology prostate pathology pathology and guts here here something begins the situation we are starting considered and where as a way to way to deal with this herpes, and here's how one of the options This zinc zinc controls it development and where the zinc in
  • 06:00: men and maximize the amount prostate from sloth and zinc adenoma prostatic hyperplasia Prostate understand what there is such here petite feature and where to get it the first place seeds of pumpkin to zinc sunflower Well give at least You can open tutorial and see what foods contain talk but let's elements zinc or other
  • 06:31: version of why the media or why there various shelly helpful for the man they both Now this once rich zinc and also garlic also contains zinc and obviously can be even when receiving when accepted as say this one garlic for some long time obviously going the saturation of the organism zinc and also organism favorably
  • 07:00: beneficial effect or relates to Risch this state is there is saturation