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The basic principle of fight against parasites, stones in bilious, kidneys (Ogulov A.T.)  See details »



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  • 00:00: medicine should be and therapeutic surgery remember the words Grand Pirogov who say that it is a shame for surgeons medicine and we now everything translated into surgery is very Now would be a mistake situation and here working with internal bodies we see just a little bit different eyes situations we We see parasites We see viruses we see fungi that They are found in the intestines but it is as if due to the fact that
  • 00:30: to create conditions sometimes it the feeling that nature It made us so when it fills or rather us when we pathological becoming it is abnormal It fills us with worms viruses to be came to earth its already with his luggage and this is what then start this and work here One naturally tablets against parasites and even antiparasitic but moved away part
  • 01:00: parasites and conditions which was created there bodies spasm that is omitted dissonance present the Perry has a pressure some nerve communication fiber violation of these ties This all leads to the fact that in order not to give section given against parasites because there is one parasite I stepped in his place came The same fungus that were present they are more active We began to develop instead parasites instead
  • 01:30: suppose roundworm send more number of strokes because the vacant seat there is a holy place never empty and and here's why when we start Working with you manipulating on his stomach shifting shifting shooting spasms organism itself begins to something completely different there sometimes he spits out what he does not like it may form person vomit sometimes it it is very rare phenomenon but for my
  • 02:00: practice two cases when small stones gallbladder gone with the work and the other Suppose it happened as it should be but because in food and in the heart of everything One idea is if we restore the blood supply of the same kidney if there is a Hawaii is not the the body itself is not dissolves when stones It was formed in the area of ​​the gall Imagine the bladder imagine that there is a solution supersaturated bile and our task is to make it is not saturated and
  • 02:30: whereas in any chemical liquid if it is overrun if there is to remove the salt or make it more unsaturated antifreeze start to leave dissolve and here It is the basic principle the basic principle fight with stones gallbladder and with kidney stones but and other places that It is our task reestablish blood supply lymphokinesis the position of organs and then the person is utterly flight
  • 03:01: but