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Peroxide of hydrogen treats tuberculosis, cancer, etc. - Ogulov A.T.  See details »

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  • 00:00: we very nearly We know little about peroxide hydrogen which used very often used to So far abroad but we are unfortunately not enough We know all we little information only one The reason is because peroxide used in military medium to space peroxide helped masters It is peroxide for a long time used to treatment of various viral pathologies
  • 00:30: first used Germans with peroxide TB that is, They first dug weak solutions peroxide in the venous track and got suddenly suddenly a good result TB treatment Well, that turns out what and now today and women's health academy they defended several doctoral theses in my Five thesis on Related peroxide hydrogen inside arterial and within venous administration of
  • 01:00: they even peroxide released recommendation a letter about hydrogen peroxide that if it turns out to if within within two dice peroxide concentration of 015 put in front of the aorta operation at the When you stop heart human brain He lives 20 minutes and imagine just something simply concentration 15 20 0 administration of 20 cubes
  • 01:31: cubes They jet into the aorta and here was carried out research it turns out that oxygen which obtained a result of splitting peroxide hydrogen it is well activates the exchange but and improves the condition of and, in principle, then we there are enough number of examples When our patients who started guzzle peroxide and adding something then dissolved in water, then dissolved in
  • 02:01: juice they sought such interesting as a result recovered vision the gray disappeared It has improved skin and general state of health at I have in America interesting acquaintances that more than Twenty years of living on changes every day he drinks very looks good but it I started drinking it then when he put diagnosis of lung cancer
  • 02:32: general course peroxide if so understand and they used more information actually in our Why was Russia weak and because of its used in space will talk to space industry that is cosmonaut if it turns out astronaut Exposure go into orbit but there hard and radioactive radiation changes changes where magnetic state
  • 03:00: or impact where on magnetic body man then out astronaut usually come overgrown papillomas teratomas my warts than only pigment patches and this is the first with GETTING sTARTED carry training Cosmonaut this preparation in the sense that he I was supposed to fly without the presence of these here viruses and here Imagine if we you and with an average Russian band moving assume the same in
  • 03:31: the same equator or Africa is the first thing that we get it tough solar radiation so here it is hard solar radiation it contributes to that if we present mushrooms they start they multiply begin strenuously to grow and that's where radiation there is very mushrooms grow well and probably read or in my opinion, even in this the film in the mold so there They say that Chernobyl HPP began when smo
  • 04:01: to consider the reactor is a concrete was practically eaten mold that is here your situation with molds I do of course I say the more the more you know I realize that far the true knowledge