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Allergy - the first symptom of infection with parasites (Ogulov A.T.)  See details »

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  • 00:00: another question if you not treated by parasites after As set printing occurs powerful swelling in the the if there was allergic the reaction of the flesh that accounts apply suprastin this suggests that there you have worked with same similar worms that We put it there ascariasis often ascariasis gives here Well here such and then when we are with you We consider Parasitology is
  • 00:30: open page 1 page textbook on Parasitology first signs of parasites allergies and when canopy server talk about this subject he does not even know this right textbook you show here first look sign and then begins chargeability there grinding for Barbie then skin rash itches scratched bathrobe bad someone heels bore covered sent there with fruits stratum corneum there is someone
  • 01:00: in the language of the findings all external evidence but in general one of the signs of parasites greening so When you have spent here such therapy then of course this the man went on which she had olives and even X-rays or be eaten the people do not should be and more all all a parasite on the turn and also as the fight against parasites frankly it higher naturally and the full moon
  • 01:32: multiplies parasites if we will watch supposing period of time maximum quantity carry eggs It highlighted this again It is connected with the moon phases the full moon, that is, she Volodya we passed cal and there is not anything go find it there is a parasite wear climbs ova Little what we reward often