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Seedling in rolls from bags. Continuation. Part 2  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to you Svetlana thank someone I went to my channel Stay with me Today I will continue the story of the seedlings and economically and very convenient and takes very little space this way here here here pull their plants here so they have I continue stand already peppers germinated Now I take the tomatoes it zefirchik and these
  • 00:32: three things that I sadila of his seed and through the toilet paper it sprouted So I showed in last video I prasade planted them right in without land a mixture of peat and could pearly tag like so they grow very such interesting here are thin thin as a spick and span Well, that same loan
  • 01:00: seedlings and so seedlings on her I need after lo this type of need zemelku Here I am today, earth to do Today I picked up here a conventional vegetable garden here little perlite to on land needed enough to shed that it was such a not crumbly and that it was a lump Now I take no more cups ordinary bags here such bags
  • 01:30: bags sandwich here they are inexpensive here such size they that is, a height of Fri like that obtained with cups I prick out then you can take but more bags if higher but normal and that's convenient bags teabag spoon to earth on the edge, and
  • 02:05: unfold and so I tear off here such here leaves I will put them, you can prischipnut spine once you can not I just pinch tuck them like this and all this again the top a little bit sprinkle with the ground and
  • 02:30: wrap neatly that's the way gai prasadam ready to grow on not only cup in the bag invest bag I need to land
  • 03:07: We reach again plant We put it so estates and spine and two leaf was outside and wrap
  • 03:37: which woke up bit zemelku after all this land a little dirty Work like that can pour and a bag of youtube and this is what I have of this happened here in such lotochek
  • 04:02: It fits 20 such that's way twisted turbochek and if I am here I put in cup here are the usual cups I have climbed the peak here Only six of them and so obtained 20 very comfortable very sparingly here their watering will be here between on top of a tank and then here's the bottom
  • 04:33: will saturate the earth below, I also I have substituted poddonchik to prevent water flowed and so I am posting this way all right here under the lamp because in the autumn and to you for the future is very well it will all be set for spring it is in the sun closer to the sun and It is very good successful and seedlings then it all
  • 05:00: is carried into the garden and carefully turns and planted without violations roots without damaging the very comfortable very well very compact here thus it is possible to grow and to plant seedlings not place and it takes in such of roll germination and further their landing Well here it is rolls of bags all good luck until we meet again until