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  • 00:08: today I want to tell you about additional lighting for your grown seedlings is particularly true if you grow seedlings month, when small enough daylight short light days but it may be December January February so for example for
  • 00:30: First, I'll start with that will show you plants that were not grown delivered Cuttings put on rooting in the middle November they are rooted in water than good this method is good that roots during biological rest on cuttings and grow eyes ie the kidneys fail But in bloom
  • 01:00: within a month onion cuttings rooted roots were eyes not blossomed and s mid-December planted with roots I landed here in the glass and month passed now the middle January ie here these shoots which rose seedlings are between the ages of one month ie eyes on these cuttings blossomed month
  • 01:30: back in the mid December their development I fell in December I thing that is the month with the shortest daylight hours but you see these seedlings the shoots did not grow they are quite powerful they have have intense green color is not pale stretched-out and all because I used and applied supplementary
  • 02:00: backlight illumination from following seedling look beautiful good root powerful escape for mid-January but after a time I transplanted these seedlings more volumetric capacity of the whether there is in the bottle 5-liter plastic bottles
  • 02:30: and they will have me It has a reserve in a few months only have to landing time transplanting into the ground in May they have already will be the age of 6 May months and still want tell you about very interesting method which way that is what I am I
  • 03:00: I am talking about it here see I grow The seedlings of the two tender cuttings well I had a deficit this class it sultanas were two of masked ie cuttings now from this seedlings there is only one escape and I would certainly I would like to have at 2 would then have more
  • 03:30: fast forming shop I can create for do when power reaches a length October 15 centimeters I I pinch out the tip escape and this reception stimulate growth shoots ie stepchildren of axillary buds here here here here below we have to break off the
  • 04:02: pinch and do not give grow lower stepson leaving only stepchildren grown from two upper kidney axils sheet thus we It is grown for two consecutive instead of one that is, by stepchildren grow in two main
  • 04:32: future beat again I have a light here so I am now I turned on the light while it is not necessary to do now Day 12 am Light located somewhere on height 30 cm on the window sill and here here now windowsill stand seedlings seedlings
  • 05:01: Passiflora I I use light daylight better course use LED lamp LED Strip they are somewhat more expensive but the range a more suitable closer to the spectrum of the sun sunlight and
  • 05:32: they are most cost more approach is certainly special fitolampy but they quite expensive and well of course not use lamps your incandescent plants can burns night when I turn on the lamp establish a Now homemade reflector and here it
  • 06:01: ordinary cardboard have he bent and made stuck inside reflective film number light increases the total time when I light in the window sun when it or have a light day continues plus bulb additional
  • 06:30: illumination total time there should be about 12 hours, but let's say with half past seven in the morning until Floor 8 pm sometimes even December January and February you can grow and high-grade seedlings Only wine and native any of your plants not stretch out and not are weak
  • 07:03: Good luck and good strong seedlings