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  • 00:00: Good day to you author training videocourses Svetlana Shchepkina today we are with you learn how to weave chain snake the previous lesson we'll learn tie looped host Snake on a chain or nodular or chain it is called it consists of a herringbone five corners and this chain snake it little thing
  • 00:30: common knot tying or the same tie how a change is not to shift the thread of hands in the cutting work previous node thread it becomes nodular Now for the next I'll show you how you can so the first method tying laziness 5mm node for now we have to you have the same first
  • 01:01: way we tied the right to drink it for ie if we are We chose weaving first way tie knots whether will be the first method to tie the chain now it becomes work is now eating and
  • 01:34: becomes the working Now right It becomes the work I have here in our own snake chain if we are with you and of denser weave then We have got Christmas tree so it yet also has double name Knot now I will show you how you can the same snake perform and will die
  • 02:00: I will also look the same way back to top live for you We see why it also called of nodular and because have herringbone we you
  • 02:30: Left and right are that is, alternately in us with you becomes the main chain warp yarn or nodular worker and then vice versa it is to perform and Train weave chain to Smith
  • 03:01: meetings