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Very tasty home-made sausage by Christmas and New year.  See details »




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  • 00:00: Good day dear Friends, today we doing housework sausage soon a new year soon Christmas and usually the table on holidays the table is always this sausage in home for sausages I We begin to knit salam in order to prepare such sausage must first all meat and a slice little fat here I bought I still here 300
  • 00:31: Meat hour we have here cut into small pieces and part was of the word salaam, I also I see a small but somewhere 40 percent of the meat we Peremel through grinder for points to sausage at no matter how I was breaking up more flexible and add to all this add salt mix pepper laurel slowly and well,
  • 01:02: garlic will not add more because no spices that this here is Fat there should not be much fat because that the meat is not very I cut fat once and for I will grind well and need for yourself gut gut you bought the market is Pork I
  • 01:31: already sold in shops and other species I saw on the Internet other well, we prefer such They sanded them I dump it somewhere soaked day here they are in salt water Rinse well not will their value from after do page I need some sausages to do here with the help of So we bought
  • 02:00: special nozzle which can in general mechanically holding easy to wear on here manually intestine you can use the grinder can be at help grinder in we have Grinder they have become new include in order to show that sausages better stuff with the help of mechanical grinder and because here you somehow more can watch this
  • 02:30: process not only observe and monitor for to kolpa-san started It was evenly air and so on then we will this thus show I quickly look fascist stirred Now I add it to the add minced main all the spices peremeshaem and put on few hours to to mince well I soaked it it is very important for such sausages because then you have to be even
  • 03:00: add some water add broth legs some even sour cream and let us put the refrigerator now I can garlic chopped finely as possible on his I squeeze spadefoot which also took cut she took. garlic and here somewhere She threw 300 minced
  • 03:30: will be dining salt spoon usually if the course such sausages harvest for future use You can put a small there is a freezer you can add salt and stronger but since we and going soon therefore use we are on the road, they do not very fond of something I especially not salt I am going well
  • 04:00: Well, somewhere in the bay leaflet somewhere I teaspoon He took tablespoon partial salt note 25 grams can be up to 30 and pepper Black Pepper Black pepper most such versatile and will
  • 04:32: mix I mix hand hands why all the stuffing and stir because that in the time before and As kids like little gags meat and homemade sausage well when there is straight pieces such meat and fat is something to
  • 05:02: looks beautiful and tastes like It felt to taste We stood at the two o'clock in the refrigerator at all it is desirable and longer hold It may be you can even put on 6 or even on the day a little bit like
  • 05:30: would have remained a dry so we adding water little can you can add the brandy add mumps my usual adds a simple water on it to make flexible to easily passed by I started guts pleasant aroma spices and enough
  • 06:11: We start stuffing guts but once again washed clothes are not will show how we just do it helium at one end to what we spread of wash our for washing and let water and passed water they were filled with water
  • 06:30: again further Rinse it well we put the end of the intestine I tie We begin the process
  • 07:05: she pushes and going to see air to gut is not broken We should be a little bit a needle prick in general it is strongly stuff like this on it much from it is not necessary for
  • 07:30: In order to make it as boozer tinker Hand finished sausages we a needle prick in order to release can be ie where the air stuffiness we did them so that they more or less soft, if they even start increase in
  • 08:00: the amount of time cooking you should not Well certainly fall apart so we'll see did look sausage here this made such a ring made in a heart and a another ring on this is less ringlet great kindness, we We are now piled up in water and then fry in pan of already I am going to throw boiling water is necessary salt
  • 08:30: or there is not very much Stage soda spoon realized and spread sausage 7 is 10 minutes, let it boils and now
  • 09:03: I spread here or probably better here so right now, and these smaller three sausages and put this pan in oven for one hundred eighty degrees fiery I warmed to him until stand up it is thirty minutes this way exhibit
  • 09:46: finished mask
  • 10:05: little fat lard this sausage fried on the same not of course it is possible sunflower oil but better is a lot of I benefit not only because it is a thick-walled pan on will not a lot of fat
  • 10:36: I cover put on slow small fire and eaten with Now the mass of roasted we have it a little bit permanently closed the lid is such I turned the whole all bass
  • 11:20: she is turned and 3 pieces and prominent
  • 11:34: sausage turned Super day very bush on a solid overview delicious sausages and salt and on and the smell of a whole sausage such a sausage then on to the carols Ukraine and Russia singing carols, too, so they They say that this is Now there is a whole sausage
  • 12:00: are the words that stabbing blow blow sausage smell in the street tape will cial in turbo Andy but he still has other Canadian or continued like Sasha walk generous generous pass Vare the game's daughter clover sausages even bull young and wrote the account wood give body sausage and so it a whole sausage and
  • 12:30: ring ring here it's a little more to it is not fried so I cooked more no it's not roasted Here is a ring here it's a whole sausage earlier simply a sausage while carols since then it was of course I smell sausage why smell hear a stranger feel because really garlic peppers they give especially garlic, he
  • 13:01: transmits very a pleasant aroma + Good pork naturally sniff He can go on streets until she then roasted goes well and smells Of course the smell is very good wish well a jacket Here is the sausage which is almost an hour roasted at 200
  • 13:30: temperature degrees oven, too, I think It will be tasty and looks fragrantly