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  • 00:00: hi to all First you need to go to skype site dot com see link in description of this click on the site Register button You get to a page new registration user if you do not arranges display language for example, he English you can at the bottom of this page change it to desired such as Russian Now you need to write your name surname e email to confirm e mail further specify its date of birthday
  • 00:30: Choose month year your gender country can specify your choose your city language can enter number of your mobile phone choose you expect use skype example basically private conversations write skype login You come up with a password repeat password If you do not want receive letters from skype the ticks by email Next you need to enter the text from the image if it is difficult to read this image can
  • 01:00: click on update I agree button now we need to continue to download skype and set it on your computer click on the button download skype for windows save the file on computer after loading Open the folder with file and double click run installation file If you do not want to skype automatically start when turn on your computer then take away the click on the tick I agree button further in its discretion can uncheck offered by
  • 01:30: default press the button also continue you can agree or refuse install additional plug on skype press the button continue process begins installation which depending on the Internet speed may last few minutes after installation is complete you enter your login and password if login expose then automatically only the password click on the button to come in now need
  • 02:00: check out the video and sound press the button continue webcam this is normal corridor microphone also press the button Now continue choose an avatar click to continue can choose picture on computer by pressing Browse button or take a picture webcam images can be increase if all satisfied with the click on the button
  • 02:30: use it picture Now press use skype on this setting complete the following video I show you how use skype link will in the description below the video This all forget and put the Huskies subscribe to my channel until all