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Knitting lessons. How to connect a flower by a hook with a small stalk a gusenichka.  See details »

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  • 00:01: Hello I want you talk show how could Here is such a tie flower flower quite fit just look beautiful in Irish lace is very convenient use it I start knitting We start with the Center for this around your finger recruit 7 rings take a thread tail so to it was convenient to fill We put on the finger tail and around
  • 00:32: holding the tail recruit 7 rings tight recruit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 tightly holding a stretch pulling one loop and strong and tying so rings are not opened remove from his finger here I got a ring with
  • 01:01: tail and air Collar now here ring is tight will lace columns, without sc skintight each groomsman columns can not considered simply knit so that they are well-arc adjoined at each other
  • 01:47: even need around this ringlet pull and knit to the end before
  • 02:02: 1 beginning of the loop Now dovyazali connection join column , we have a center this leaf is now we will knit petals for each petals dial 10 stitches 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  • 02:32: Now almost scored pull thread let go of the hook Gone before vyazovne and, through it, pull loop and Now around this chain around this chain can be here this tail here attach bind him inside so
  • 03:00: convenient it would then fill his circle chain will give knit columns without sc as closely adjacent to each the friend we ponytail It lies inside knit
  • 03:32: together with the tail dovyazali through and Now we introduce the hook almost as if in based on this
  • 04:00: and petals junction eyelet pull loop and through her stretch our five Now connection loops do 3 loops 1 and 3 They were removed hook thread and through it
  • 04:31: We removed the loop Now do the next tab for this as well 10 recruit pyaterik 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 hook and let go But for the far wall and by introducing the hook it through the
  • 05:02: loop pulled our five air chain and now as a circle fasten columns, without sc round bars close contiguous the friend you need to pull them
  • 05:31: Now the chain so that they good lay and circle only friendly so to become a circle the end of Ablyazov, and now we reached the end connection column and knit centered in the center Petal led hook
  • 06:01: and through it through eyelet sell We pulled further knit in the same circle do 33 connection columns to a thread translate further also 10 air chains and knit to end up on that moment as we fit Petals were cut to
  • 06:33: end how to get here, if desired, you can associate more and one lepestochek is just a floret and we associate gusenichka to do this so do we need a hook carry on here Center do 3 connection loops hook types
  • 07:00: Pull lover and I pull out a mile hook dragged the loop stretched through it will the cord gusenichka air loop and he turned and works and Now for the previous enter the loop hook and knit air loop They pulled knit
  • 07:30: column, without sc turned work on clockwise and here are two grab cat provyazyvaem thread stretched and provyazyvaem column without sc turned work floor clockwise I pulled him to the edge
  • 08:03: spoon dragged through she loop knit column without sc the work turned on edge formed two abalone through them pulled the top five I pass on the turn clockwise
  • 08:30: the edge formed two peg through them pulled out knit work We turned on the edge formed two pulled the window written work turned knit work
  • 09:00: We turned on the edge track They dragged stopped and then turned the work so we continue to knit us to the desired length gusenichka will Flower on the degree of pilots it will very comfortably insert song
  • 09:30: in Irish crumbs always work turn on clockwise two abalone seized We flew turned clockwise for two ears to capture knit turned clockwise two abalone seized pharmacist turned hour hand
  • 10:05: and we want a length
  • 10:31: Now this has turned here's a leaflet flower stebelochek his back to to finish Business Jobs 2 aerial loops thread and pull cut off and stretch thread loop through well
  • 11:02: tighten Now, we have a so here's another one floret let's knit together