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  • 00:00: a Now I want to pay your attention about building ducts though of course still well aware that we are stepping up our Working tubes for clashes to Interface could not be seen if our cars of
  • 00:30: will be greater or more closely placed one his friend did not I will be much a drawing here now I should proplesti pass him and three that is here in anywhere between here my fingers can change the tube have to increase tube well, as backfilled and it's just same as all my easy to work with these scissors cut diagonally sure here I use glue
  • 01:00: Dragon adhesive pva me is not suitable because it is more long dries up but here you must I take the tube, and also, and knead well in except for the hands tip to be dress combine that's the way finger good pursed and still a time tube so that it elastic and all now she will
  • 01:30: not going away to transfer it is for me three in drawing all have increased and We continue further so So I proplela 1 2 3 series I want to pay attention to the nuances which I had face when now we are weaving see it on something like this is what I the truth then talk to each when suddenly we come the other side see 3 and when you
  • 02:02: finished It has it all, plus I to skip for two lines here I ends ends my 3 positions of points here usually begins squad Now I have for two small stands now We look at it in no 4 I begin again for two lines of the there are in fact here is my cork It should lie just beyond four poles this is not
  • 02:31: it is very good lot and drawing just such further will not so I out of position I naturally third row proplela 1 bar and in front one before and 1 slightly violate hour zone consciously yes no well and then if we look like 4 years just here he comes, he that begins for two did not It ends just before one is like time is fall and now He turned in front
  • 03:00: I then I went weave again already recording conceived here it is that of 4 two or three and so on still for once when I braid end 4 to tour I just got before 1 ie stop What I did not start here He received before exactly the same yet we look here the transition from 8 to 9, I again I
  • 03:30: I bring a focus the fact that I plet from right to left to me will need to proplesti last for three lines and the ninth series start for the two It is at once a record racks mean here here I am to miss any of the three but for the two in front of me here it is then just and exits at the end of Ninth row and risunochek completely not violated a couple of words if we weave left here
  • 04:01: look on text entry seventh series the end that we need proplesti for one old man and 8 will we you need to perform weaving for three I hope it will be 4 here the same way Now of these three one need will proplesti before line and all and on the tip of Miss I understand I will not focus on this account when you themselves encounter when
  • 04:30: weaving you will see what wind pipe more than in the center three . It is ugly so one of these 100 points and first or last you fly changing bend tubes in our general, and the whole master Class I, and said, special skill no everything is fine He owns chintz braided core
  • 05:01: points that I faced and that can be I pay attention there seems to be indicated show all 16 series I think not very advisable because it It takes a lot of time and looking at the diagram We look not here constantly feel attention should be that nobody distracted focused and risunochek itself will already You identified that Thank you so much Natasha, I think I
  • 05:30: then on the freedom to have show plate the result itself great if some questions I would keep them in rank then describe the already text before Article master class but Now we are waiting for more pleasant moments not I want to tantalize guests long braided so great thank you today and tan she asks Gift always ready help answer We also ask themselves and do you learn you around each other
  • 06:00: Thank you so much