Lyudmila Ryijkova

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Video subtitles:
  • 00:01: hello, many of you know this pattern like fish scales or flakes can be meet such the name of the Internet and this pattern fit bags shawls and scarves more but in another example Internet, I do not I met to someone connected skirt that's why
  • 00:30: show our I work linked skirt for her Girls, I have two three eldest girls junior year and a half That one girl second packs fit very nice but belt we also very suitable for this skirt combined with its bottom up to the end, too,
  • 01:01: can pay focus on flakes But on it I gone exactly motochek lilac such possible say not so color eggplant just a little bit on bottom row and the sand here can I have to say that the product performed around two days with the expectation that
  • 01:31: with the expectation that I was knitting this skirt only free ie there is no time I shall be glad in the evening here he can turn attention to what Beauty I happened just good