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  • 00:00: Today we will prepare heh eggplant For this we take cilantro eggplant onions, garlic bell pepper sharp black pepper pepper salt sugar vegetable oil soy sauce acetic acid roast and ground fried coriander sesame eggplant swill cut off the stalk We put in a steamer
  • 00:30: and set on fire on 8 minutes if you really the large eggplant for ten minutes as a eggplant welded We get and give cool slightly then cut along the half each half still half and 3 parts
  • 01:02: very large pieces you can still cut Now half acetic acid salt well Stir and let stand 15-20 minutes bell pepper cleaned from the stalk and remove the seeds septa
  • 01:33: then sliced thick strips 3 millimeter finely chop the greens cilantro onion cut one half in half we shall cut half rings 3 mm thick the other half cut in half yet and as we shall cut 3 mm thick
  • 02:00: in hot oil fry onion until golden color as the Once the onions begin purchase golden color turn off the heat and leave to cool one minute then add hot peppers peremeshaem eggplant give some juice it we solom
  • 02:36: now add onion half rings sliced bell pepper sugar roasted ground coriander roasted sesame seeds garlic, soy sauce black pepper
  • 03:01: oil roasted onions and hot peppers coriander and all mix well this recipe you on our Online feast point RU heh eggplant can be directly fed on the table, but it is better to give Infusions or 2 hours leave in refrigerator overnight all ready pleasant appetite