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  • 00:03: Now you learn that to prepare for the winter to accurately please husband recipe and a feast Misevich brought from sunny Spain Greg hello preparing a movie and scooter invited private to themselves from such obviously I love the Taxcom pub it is publicized glitter where they can be seen it is tight profit Sidor sedan worthy competitor his champagne just loves
  • 00:30: French and hung He created and sponsored Order ss daffodils firewood century lay up 100 decide recipe I will make here is something about it could not keep up before we hit the track Sun Royal Buffet if we have another brought Zapashnye Podarunok across the border in Age and super hip smoked Emperor process and starred Crimean people and a champagne was going on the other some kind of you divorce his moose hour and your soul rocker about how much Displays the prism of so are the sons to Patty jaya rozvitku heart judicial lights
  • 01:00: bunt and shakes her Trenches miles I do not accept I Well we have an apple garnish but it is important to take the attendants those who sell tired and had to dirt of their needs tekke carefully gently rubbed it there can be no bacteria will be up and lipsticks haunting shoe table that there was No direct hvorob there really sedan dreams will be able to choose from apple cut here so we take away from Well the fate and cubes mines or stub of way and
  • 01:30: Of course they are very juicy probably should not be alas I will be solved by the hundreds we can not pump add to this Kubanochka here and so to put in apple sc and add you get three or four hundred work and took and will disfigure normal cider so apple and cut We teach ridges shy m thefts the faster will go against yah you tell how did you get it trio arrived in Spain I Poland period counter on a locomotive slow one friend
  • 02:00: my brother and requests we 5 min said products that either the Spaniards We could lead between not know that such LEDs and then I did not come and It produces each year I cider Well, I swore Wood water tasty Well tasty but wherever never anything prices River as you know well, the north as he needs 2 how to put how I I know if you have not I have done about it consumed water the height of a meter and a half and you are in a glass of husband trail
  • 02:30: fitness of where We should be tried wool and so would I do not know on bottles tricycle collection 10 bottles we tried oh-oh-oh wines duzhe relish and something better Apple will pace stronger and that he add here bitch view going from 440 activation saw a competitor Oleg hot to Add flour put will be on June 5 yes David degrees and good young to think we I will give enough meaning fall asleep 150 200 rail link with us
  • 03:02: but it will be hard cider with respect to the group try but he quickly they knew prepare well I empty-handed Do at worst I will need these cats you zombies you in ptc really possible of adoration add raisins let's brew if such a raisins home he it makes it more such a drastic different for us too hill without tighter ie three ways to choose a We put on a glove in
  • 03:31: egg it was she I grew up except the price Cree to him here falls and will air Yablokov oxalis will discuss the chain around the neck Thank you to collect and yak hours ago there Ushahidi hand here We cut down a long time a month they We know that cider all apple at home I took only one wiki date of study and threw Abu barrel to the bottle Water ki and Hacked dropping that bottle closed Karki death spiral the hair
  • 04:00: hose and top all Both axis smeared wax and about the same Potima without lower plasticine and put in a jar mustache with water and Bulavin Yakuna Bulku I sing will ford but looking third way our mines have turn and cut it to water on the tube it then is such a environment is not closed bottle closed cork filled water this very fact well, just a note
  • 04:30: hose and firmly We just did not air but it falls to me here this method is better he likes merry how to board for time I'll show all Prices We put warm c30 joy weighs 35 7 10 Now do not climb conceived units boiled berth here you please and because once,
  • 05:01: briefly also decided currently houses the tube but do not find yourself happened perchatochkah little hole and zvichayno I hit the air ekshon and receiving of syn bottles Russia soon flight and loops us brother and fresh apples knew yes, I mean the soul if you want to boil 5 it would be desirable but another hotsit bullseye important for anywhere you purchase them for ever that participated in this Basically if you can the same place
  • 05:30: sandwich it is the same so funny so we do not have to buy here are open throw eggs fall out grip comfort we all you throw not consume suicide resorted as breathing It was the price I know noise and chickens sighed time Mouse moves the Does the fact of rest and chickens in the beak if cho ahueli or void we pass translation cut rate by stramonium alive and well, and I
  • 06:00: cool intact think smokes but looking how to use and grief still here it is important to remember that this tipple therefore more careful Hyper building 17 we can and 21's groove It turned out so Sidor well, you know all I started a conversation with the fact that he seems men like if a wife Template for winter make and I think and for women it can like why no apple natural drink I impact on brother coloration Champagne moon rickshaw
  • 06:30: softer and naturally not only question so here it is turbid and remains dad pig and will of such kolliruya to shops and a sedan at chan man and so to portion may be apples and you will not simple overview essence is available the path will be lower but some on board we select will be saved decanter and himself I like to drink Nadia know that until guess since day past the hangover and it you can pour payments
  • 07:00: I'm talking about the type of hops but for wheel with him again here there is not any sluche also turns almost ready cider Wine siege alternates yet little can be brown prick we take it cover with gauze and pull, the refrigerator 45 days you start and dry in very another thing barrel Galim your business grass taken in the through a hose into the I and I will show you straight pipe Hose donate a bottle
  • 07:30: sitter needs to smack up that bottle increased from temple air not tear throat spice a foregone conclusion, and I get yourself even that ferment wines duzhe good food salad nary a I usually accurate and normal for what I just show Thou but few would but let her I have hissed dad through cheesecloth little bit wider nasadochki ventas where you go here and then struggling water hose that's my
  • 08:00: so here we set here so that Nadia can be at low nevian or the very bottom I will nurse which you IV gathered also right that off small cider zavodik home drop your dressing omit tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu but in the sense that here piece granted to get a sweet spirit case of war lift
  • 08:31: c rhythm close to him we shoot at duzhe Garnier gray can write Ivar Nadia rules to sell 2013 five minutes later it will not try and train to the left and say, please his to store when suddenly he would live Here's an example to spring and the powder inside the mat and already at the cool lead cellar or I would refrigerator It recommended directly pumpkin on the floor dios
  • 09:00: reclining and what for too wide siege who is not here so I Circle the synod killed but will visible seam osadochek bend Find spain here is the same to me He tells all groynes the bottle is not made up and so she did not glass and achieve cider 5 REQUIREMENTS volley do not persuade according to I tell you I will train I'll be honest I poured to seller Song 4 bottles I got there
  • 09:31: registered 2 today I come this normal do not know I hope that year plus choose a glass lift up the women he does not like it trained Come Come out and costs left utopnu fuzzy sho you home It does tend to Odessa hole in one downstairs bath great and That's how it is necessary and
  • 10:00: and heated to I write already and I will not today exercise better just ask and before try the cider let us remember how it correctly cook for cooking apple cider you need apples sugar raisins apples clean from core and chop put the apples in jar and add raisins sugar if apples juicy enough add water to bottle opening stretched rubber glove and put jar in a warm dark place for 10 days when the glove is in
  • 10:30: constructed using gauze and decant squeeze cake pour in clean dishes and stand in the cold place four days then do not stir via tube carefully decant cider no sediment clog bottles and store in cool place cooked in cider home It has a mass advantages over shop we have seen as it is all to do I quickly and easily sour and delicious taste and let it
  • 11:02: per well and without pipe is a pipe flow away 10 days but at the feeder Tower duzhe back and mustache I know what it moon puffed stories Heights even take about us I I think the screw is ridiculous let's try to come oh and I would be committed it's like a super it seems in fact to very tasty carbonated drink aerated but apple juice but do not forget
  • 11:30: cider that although very delicious but still It contains alcohol did them and the experience can be and you try I have no doubt that you enjoy Igor thanks for this great idea which is so easy It can be translated into New role for life we are of Roma brass will appear in my visit and talk of secret how to choose fashionable jeans