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  • 00:00: Hello, you watch the channel simply delicious now we prepare biscuits with jam take one hundred Two hundred and eighty grams of butter oils 220 grams Sugar 500 600 gram flour 2 table sour cream tea spoonful of soda without slides 2 eggs thick jam jam or butter needed to melt drown it does not need all
  • 00:30: ingredients except jam add up to mixing bowl the eggs sour cream and flour stir until
  • 01:01: a thick test all we need to test separate quarter put in the bag the remaining dough, too Cleaned in the package and put into the freezer for hour baking grease butter a large piece of dough roll out on baking sheet
  • 01:40: spread on the dough We get a little a piece of dough with using a coarse grater grate dough and fill them jam can
  • 02:02: skip dough through a meat grinder and cover jam get sausages Bake in the oven preheated to 200 to degrees Celsius golden brown around fifteen twenty minutes finished cookies cut diamonds and squares biscuits with jam ready to thank you for attention and pleasant appetite