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  • 00:00: Now this chick Lord and gives all paths along the paths where you will not enter along the houses everywhere this Heifer need it all all around it treats osteochondrosis and Matiz sciatica version SEC and caps pulmonary tuberculosis treated well, absolutely all well, just treats everything a a small crowd
  • 00:30: it is rich in salts edge them not only it expels salt she has crushes stones gallbladder here at whom gallstones bladder and stones kidney in 47 percent of mankind undergo surgery leaves gall bubble or me. a Why cut when he three months crush all these pebbles and sand is removed from the urine of
  • 01:02: the body is such force
  • 01:37: a a my this
  • 02:11: This knot-grass the grass is very characteristic of the the Nordic countries but also and very appreciated in Asia and East although there is It grows and purchased this herb at a very expensive shadow e.g. in India it was valued by the weight gold as
  • 02:31: medicinal raw materials Use herbs and prepares its flowering period flowers Knotweed 5 petals countries Saharan 40 a pair of parallel is extremely rarely so ethnoscience countries of Asia and east Go and say used other similar in properties Plants such as the floor floor
  • 03:03: any principal sex benefits pepper powder is not It has at one and other herbs have diuretic effect and she and the other grass used when urolithiasis the attack hit is one very negative effect any aqueous extracts I fell out of and destroy
  • 03:30: such tooth enamel actions have not knotweed marked has about antimicrobial activity and used in infections urinary tract such as saws and pyelonephritis and cystitis and our ancestors rather often used knotweed and its very valued knotweed
  • 04:00: was used in lung diseases such as whooping cough pulmonary tuberculosis and when pulmonary tuberculosis knotweed application limits tuberculous focus and contributes to its rapid calcification grass appreciated our ancestors also for that has anticonvulsant action especially fast convulsions due violation of calcium magnesium phosphate exchange with e.g. rickets warm broth
  • 04:31: drink with cramps various origins grass knotweed used when bitten by a rabid animals and snakes heme toxic group ie snakes a poison which destroys erythrocytes bites snakes and rabid animals drink broth knotweed as well as other species rich palaces vitamins It consists of
  • 05:01: carotenoids is about Vitamin A Vitamin A vitamin to vitamin c the way content vitamin c knotweed close to the fruits rosehip with pairs twine organic acids greatest interest among organic belongs acids composition knotweed It is cream He and small doses silicic acid includes part of night website cloth metabolic disorders silicic acid the body leads to
  • 05:31: change elasticity of blood vessels ligament strength joint mobility change the code, perversions immune reactions of silicon acid has antipruritic action so knotweed apply at the treatment of pruritus the grass was used as a topically way inside our ancestors were treated I took some forms of infertility
  • 06:00: and here it during pregnancy they are not recommended as it can lead to miscarriage postpartum knotweed promotes restoration woman's body demand application in postpartum It leads to a decrease bleeding more fast feedback uterine development rapid healing injured birth canal normalization hormonal
  • 06:30: postpartum that turn It reduces the chance appearance postpartum psychosis targeted education milk