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  • 00:00: Good day my expensive today I reservoir quantum apple jelly But with such beauty a marmalade good in itself it can be submitted to tea and can be cut into such small stripes wrap inside the bagel you can put inside and rolls ie bake scones him very tasty and useful on the farm thing and a great way to keep Paskuda apple harvest marmalade fit absolutely any any apples So nekonditsiya
  • 00:30: we begin certainly need the apples I apples of different varieties and to begin with apples to wash and dry delete everything if imperfections have a partner shaybochki remove tails remove seeds I This time cut midway folded I will fill with water and a little for the yard This is done to learn from these seredinok pectin for In order to marmalade It turned out stronger to do it absolutely not be sure to like this I did not work packs
  • 01:01: middle, flooding water somewhere around a glass of water for us need ml 200 250 I put on the stove to simmer and me pokipyat about somewhere minutes five to ten before I I will cut apples tell us what to do it is quite may optionally be just in a pot sliced ​​apples add plain water I cook marmalade I will be in five-liter pots and do not experience placed around two and a half kilogram
  • 01:30: prepared apples already without the core and finely chopped cores of me I cooked on further their projected onto a screen It can be a little bit wipe and then here with this vodichku small number applesauce I add to the pan with sliced ​​apples there is a very zealous is not needed us first Vodicka and if necessary speak more precisely, we need a pectin who moved to apple broth vodichku fill
  • 02:01: trained Apples then pan Cover with apples Cover and put on slow fire and We will cook up full readiness apples, we need to apples become soft and we could have them grind apple mashed potatoes and still have time I will say a few words about the amount of sugar I on a pan I will use exactly 1 kilogram of the I've got it turns around 400 grams per 1 kg prepared apples usually take sugar
  • 02:30: but a little more I have such proportions quite satisfied parcel marmalade it turns moderately sweet good kept well lived ruetsya then if you take sugar over it marmalade will stronger a small amount of sugar can be added when cooking apples for to apples given juice and respectively increased amount of liquid in the pan to avoid adding excess water and cook further until full of softness Incidentally Elena
  • 03:00: Molokhovets his famous for books apple jelly offers the following the proportion of three cup apple weight ie applesauce you need to take one and a half apple cup sugar I cooked italian we need them grind apple pie I'm going to do this immersion blender as it quickly convenient and burdensome If no blender you can either mash tolkushkoy possible through a sieve
  • 03:30: can be further After you smashed apples I blender usually weight through a sieve in this case marmalade will a very very gentle uniform texture, I usually I do not do as It takes a lot of effort this time tiring and my look small inhomogeneity marmalade alone is his shortcoming add apple a lot of the rest sugar and then not pan again I'll set cover and give cook
  • 04:00: look what It becomes liquid apple mass agree a couple of minutes to sugar fully solution, and then longer remove the lid and malic weight boiled boil down it can be different can be at a time that There are included and cook until it reaches the desired thickness can be stretch process few days the We have cooked for long there is name no time removed pan from the heat and then when the time reappeared
  • 04:30: quietly apple the mixture was warmed to very low heat that it does not become attached to one not burnt and cook then here is my favorite way I usually cook apple marmalade for two or three days during cooking apples periodically Stir so that they not burnt not baked onto one usually boiled mass may in step close to the step boil that is, when but it does not boil almost boils in which case it boiled pretty
  • 05:00: fast but in my opinion it is not very convenient because this case would have and often stir a little bit of abusive formed thick Bulka and the whole kitchen It will be here in this applesauce here is a density I cooked apple weight 1 day I left a pot on the night top formed a crust marmalade way saying that such here the crust is not formed during cooling need apple weight periodically stir crust top and underneath more
  • 05:31: rather liquid malic mass needed boil down further We put on a slow fire heats it Rome and I finish my we are about ways of boiling normal weight can be boil down step Incidentally close boiling can in step when soaring malic mixture hovers but it is not yet in full swing It's my favorite method because it It does not require frequent stirring bet on apple mixture a small fire here
  • 06:01: a small spark it soars periodically fit stir practically it monitor and do not need Now a few words the fact to what extent boil down apple mixture personally I cook I until till and a comfortable and convenient cooking on the stove since the process thickening it It requires frequent agitation and this is it becomes uncomfortable must constantly stand to wait another Now look here such here Bulka military sheep on the
  • 06:31: It said about cook until the following starts on the ice congeal on the spoon and keep up with her The result is not It was such a rather thick malic weight and still need to be additionally dry deep I lay a baking tray greaseproof paper baking and Standard 30 40 just about contents of this five-liter pots and will be all that's deep baking pour
  • 07:00: apple mixture We flatten and put dry them in the oven at temperature not higher than 100 degrees Celsius slightly open oven for door We put a thin pencil two o'clock look what top formed crust beneath you crust is still quite liquid mass We leave this open to night look like she looks in the morning top crust became wet again baking set oven and sushi at
  • 07:30: temperature not higher than 100 degrees Celsius at open the oven lining them pencil another two hours, and again leave overnight willingness marmalade can control that's so easy if you touch you feel that uniform means something marmalade enough dried out and if you feel that Again the same Location top crust and in the center of it even soft means overhear third four times as as it is sometimes necessary marmalade necessary flip and dry with another
  • 08:00: the parties in this case, put the piece of paper on top of the marmalade flip over remove the bottom layer paper and eavesdrop marmalade oven already on the other hand method just did not have do marmalade I froze so I simply and we shall cut then sliced pieces of marmalade and I I shift to paper baking and folded pile and in that as I marmalade It will be stored in the fridge page it's pretty long considered to be
  • 08:30: It is stored up to three years well-dried marmalade thickened jujube can be easily for the arrest of such thin stripes, and he does not stick to the knife he dry and dense, top and bottom, and so Produced apple marmalade prepared me lag behind Streltsov Pryatnogo tea Party thanks that were with I watched a video Sorry for the voice sometimes it does not lost and very debt restored and all you very, very good