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  • 00:09: Hello dear needlewoman and today I want to tell you show how process visa spokes attached to bead work here I look attached a few beads, and now I'll show how done we need a hook thin hook so that he could
  • 00:33: fit in hole beads we and take a bead we put it on the hook so here it com key to bead Now we will put our loop which we need to implant bead as we hook
  • 01:00: thin it can little jump with thread so she a little better then pull and that's neatly we move the bead a loop so now this loop return on the needle on the left and provyazyvaem it so as we usually need it certainly face loop but can be
  • 01:30: any is our bead fastened on knit what we need Now I have more time show how done and so take our thin hook in I have this hook number 095 to sit down on it bead me now with bead hook
  • 02:00: to hook the hook loop remove it spoke with the slightly stretch the and neatly on her shift shift the hook on the loop bead from eyelet We return to the left spoke to but we continue to knit here and so we beady attached and that they have a good not as it's on top
  • 02:30: on knitted cloth when we are if we they would have sewed They were both top pasted and so they have We look at it We knitting plane almost not felt but it may It happens that we do not will be on hand fine hook that same to do in this case, out there now I will show you this is the second method with which can be our bead mount
  • 03:01: we need here is a Now cut the wire look piece wire wire It should be fine so of course only that here twice in twins if it add up to it too, he could put his in beads and the bore This is how half wires exactly in half here Now take our knitting loop on that we must
  • 03:30: and impose a bead here's one to one end we wire slips under the loop remove the loop on our wire here so right in the middle Now this is our Collar on it here the wire sits Now the two ends wire add up and for them to sit down bead that's how I
  • 04:00: I think that the more you I guess what will and we here and so shift in the loop to please and now return loop Of course the left needle cork etc. as you can see it all It is very simple and do not need to be afraid that It is ugly Now fashionable knitting with beads with shiny beads
  • 04:31: it turns out very nice and quite it is easy to see how I hope that all thank you for the clear Attention