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Veronica chamaedrys (Veronika dubravny)  See details »

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  • 00:02: we are now at previously with a heel where it grows a little krasivenky plants called Veronica to the truth it is rather big but the dew Tallinn defeating such a terrible disease as the gate surprising but sorrowfully that this fungus develops everywhere they developing airways and on the skin and nails
  • 00:30: and even in the internal organs after having first light themselves they inhabit a political scientist David cues cavity bowel and many people suffer from these fungi although our salvation here on this beautiful country where Zavadsky petition saying little but further charges its time-consuming but represent here if you drink it as a tea herb
  • 01:00: and tea as we blockages spoonful of herbs boiled water 30 but it is necessary to present to poison attack Distillery and this glass divided into three parts to sing ten to 3 3 wins if you drink two or three weeks poison fungi disappears and in the body and blood PACE tip of her nails was on the neck of the fact that clean
  • 01:30: hello is not going to the ground for such a small hotel going the beginning of flowering when do not wait blossomed point the remaining flowers Platonov the plant is dried Mandatory at about forty degrees ie it is fried roof here are or interest which is a separation dried st protoplennoy bird
  • 02:00: because long drying this plant Oda weather came leads to the fact that matter of destroying fungi repository destroyed so be sure to inaccessible to light but the rulers Kirensk in a shed roof under the shed roof attic cottages
  • 02:31: but under a tin roof