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  • 00:06: Hello here seedlings formed grows but growing pretty fast and pulled the reasons for which it does I find the fact that he this year but I'm a little condensed ie aging
  • 00:30: I grow quite a number Rosatom so with her glasses not leaving Real Madrid put a close to fit and correspondingly she has to reach tested to the light lamp and what is natural so sure if you also seating arrangements
  • 01:02: begins to elongate and it has already reached a pretty more growth but also to plant it no sooner than audio fifteen may even be 20 therefore it should be trimmed obligatory and try as that will slow down growth that is, slow down and leave 1 Here I am now beginning to tie up
  • 01:31: Rosatom and it will in Russia to walk that is, it is if you live in an apartment can we have on the balcony god today already the weather is warm outside the window the grass is green today we 20 fifth April
  • 02:00: the weather is warm, even very warm So I'll make it to the street view balcony that is, he even once in the history of teplichku year we have but we still have to, we have to do Well, they like to be cups can hold always in a box so that you can throw into the street and Home hardened Soros i.e shame and naturally turn green It will be thick
  • 02:31: but here the most important thing view frost Cold weather in any case there was no we have not to be that is the minimum the temperature should be not lower than eight degrees necessarily so if you decide to balcony or anywhere else it left for the night Only for this track or insulate or warms forces optionally be recorded back
  • 03:00: we warmly here while on their strength will wait farther how it will behave Here seedlings walk I is a typical What you see before bear seedlings outdoors if you have it
  • 03:30: rub very pleased that the dry necessarily long enough policies should be warm some water in 25 degrees because in a greenhouse the left side sunny weather if a miracle live evening very small and further ie by Assad could quickly Zyryanov If she
  • 04:00: if better as it would to walk dry so be sure to remember to be sure check within the policy if it is dried up boxes, we will not remove in case of frost that is, if we have overseas definitely under siege as I once again I say enter back home
  • 04:30: but while like they do not pass so it will be delivered and at night in the greenhouse branches can be done naturally to balcony of course undesirable if it open closed if it is quite you can also leave overnight but again unless the temperature falls below 8 degrees on your balcony so it is advisable have thermometer monitor the temperature inside
  • 05:01: so here it is all that is my secret be sure to check irrigation and watering If we leave here, I necessarily have to follow course everyday Sukhum land here is much faster so often have to spit or once a week and can be 2 three times per week two days here so that we always have checking watch
  • 05:30: it is natural that the rapid aging undesirable and can burn all this