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The MOST TASTY CAKE-SOUFFLE without pastries. We prepare together - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today We will be with you to cook Cake a la Cheesecake without baking for its preparation we need two a packet of biscuits type Jubilee that we with his hands crumble and turn just such a uniform crumb on us required I had butter diced make it faster Melt and Melt both only oil melt we fully send it to Our crumbs pour
  • 00:30: All this in two steps that I have poured a little Stir and continue add the remaining melted butter I stirred up uniform consistency should be Now get this weight on me required releasable form of one I have laid out parchment paper and then everything is neatly from a spoon leveling of surface to I turned the cake uniform thickness and more tidy in refrigerator somewhere 30 minutes on the
  • 01:00: time to cook cream for its preparation we will need whisk egg white it in a blender and then add sugar and continue whisking to get weight so hard and firmly in free and then we go send cream high enough fat I use to take 30 March three percent can be add here mascarpone cream will creamier in me this time I was gelatin I decided to use conventional jelly with
  • 01:31: lemon flavor and you know it happened very very cool I liked it and then pour all this shape in Split on our cake in the ship Refrigerate for two three hours after as our cake but stiffened Getting it Jewelry I use canned peaches are Now cut into such small slices thin enough something like this and the next step I spread them on
  • 02:00: surface such a small overlap in general it is a matter of your fancy as you like this I use decorate around the perimeter of the rings and the center, and I just sliced peaches and cubes here and so I poured them also turned interesting and more for added brightness frozen raspberries then I will cook jelly cake on top of that zayu our cake and instead of water I I use syrup out of peaches and two
  • 02:31: jelly bag for cake according to instructions on my package prepared to continue through a strainer like You see I pour all it to the top just was not no lumps and also I leave to harden get a very delicious very tender very creamy type cake cheesecake such butter delicious hope You'll like it necessarily try