Sharpening of a knife the emery paper pasted on glass forms part 1  See details »



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  • 00:03: Hello I am now I want to show you how on data in sharpener Basically any community emery to sharpen paper means that I I just want to say I tried to grind very much in favor. paper do not know why get perfectly flat in mask due to the fact that smooth glass of once the shutter does not
  • 00:30: equals the boss of me its geometry sharpening process nazhdachka perfect smooth and very beautiful that the holder of a crown pieces means Here are two options that and glue some form there two glasses to live there another option is possible husband tab one glass short
  • 01:01: invested here glue nazhdachku both sides then it means and distribute what savings can Glass that is, glue is not necessary forms means those who probably one Holder these fruits It can be glued to take Total this case, the glass three and a half but
  • 01:30: better 4 Brian slightly thicker whether glue means I main stone glue holes resin or pack count here so that's the time mounting adhesive liquid nails then glue the glass glass degreased there or those plus shkurochka greasy need someone It rests on the smooth place equal dancing and then glue get something start-up type but hardly he will bend
  • 02:00: it is not necessary to press will be enough 7 mm and the glass 84 will begin 8 then how can another paste together glue can be through a glass tape I read it sweep solvents will just show you how glue means like glue and take such double-sided adhesive tape
  • 02:30: do we put the tightness and a finger hold that there were no Air bubbles step wallpaper waste does not fall He lived up to minus Tabernacles soiled and 3 rubles We had one piece
  • 03:37: problem with this taped his take
  • 04:00: as quickly as possible glue immediately sharply on the protection of equals in this way get you Now therefore further pasted on the abrasive paper of the same same taste can do stretch this finger without glue
  • 04:30: garbage trash did not get a tape and the air is not I stayed for the music more profitable to cut off
  • 05:38: boring musk
  • 06:00: it accurately dash dachku same way and will judge all right I outside emery paper just like that Serve it with this hand We do the left stretch the right to the same
  • 06:41: made on 2
  • 07:36: better court you are welcome
  • 08:00: leave sharpen a service that I bought bound fork groups rough nazhdachkoy on earlier rational drag
  • 08:34: sawed in advance forms here 600 2000 thousands the same color kleite if you view equally what such a label Make a seam 2000 marked marker
  • 09:00: thus meaning you can sand of paper do not need no equate anything that there you can buy admit to the bar this case it piece can be made buy it 160 meters on one side 2 50 then you can quite emery to sharpen paper do not need no flat equate Now nothing is true what has transpired here with label
  • 09:30: gluing the blanks he rides a MEMBER Phase wasted name then when you wash off share this peel the old start Again, this layer This means the curve solvent and gasoline It falls between these two glasses and begin to swim walking on the calculation forms
  • 10:21: per hour can be cut about why they so means a lot if you going on boys and that is you done blanks force 11 times when you have
  • 10:30: time cut here These emery paper stuck once there let each size Rooms skin there for 10 form so to speak or how much you need there all they have ran out once and drove them washed You stuck again always will lie for the sides toughen you You start to peel the adhesive ie take the form new cloth dragged laid him
  • 11:00: you can clear the mine width any length of 1000 most from he lost in my you will not find cheaper did not find