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  • 00:04: zdarova people I name is Sasha, and this is my cooking was not all issues show you from my heart childhood, it will sandy strip excellent test recipe so write memorize place huskies if you too like the sand strip and drove on my kitchen Our prescription us need butter 200 Two grams of egg salt half cup sugar
  • 00:31: two cups of flour I but I took the jam fairies cocks ie jam on top as well that drove first thing we add to the pan butter a pinch of salt floor cup sugar Now you will need to and all beat with a mixer until smooth consistency about 2 minute
  • 01:04: oil beaten want notice that the oil must be before rooms whipping temperature so that it easier to shoot down here and sugar faster than it Now we are dissolved here we add 2 eggs and another minute meter whisk eggs horoshenechko lost become oil
  • 01:30: uniform consistency and now here we add another 2 cup sifted flour We sift and test stir hands due to the fact that there oil is present to test all hands on does not stick that is, if we would do Well dough into water to base was the water all have hands test coverage and here Oil is oil Jeanne
  • 02:01: slippery and it is he does not like flour finger stick and it is very nice we get the test They are divided into one to three the test piece at us in cooking time Sprinkle on top and was we have to do it I sent an hour freezer and this grandfather to stock just until refrigerator let him will be nothing it will simply a little bit of the royal It will be a
  • 02:30: more solid as well now very elastic range communication and sticks need system is cool recipe dough to baking, we have laid out and now a couple of comments we are on our Parchment will lay we test test decompose approximately half the thickness centimeters since
  • 03:00: in our dough and oily still use the Parchment is not the dough is not worried prigorit not stick to our reject all of normally we received foundations we have cut into cookies future cookies here it is necessary to approximately end to cut but make cuts that We then saw where break them
  • 03:34: Varya and take down, and We begin to lay in price if the dough stage you have the term jam no one there jam at hand that take better thermo jam because it does not strongly spreads cooking time that is to say It does not spread He provided for for such situations all sorts of eyelets cookies and bars here she is very nice will be
  • 04:00: for our strips leaving a small edge to our impression was First is convenient to take take the dough which lay in the freezer You should rub until krymnasha test we must include heat oven to 180 degrees and then when we put our cookies oven will hot Well
  • 04:35: our cookie bar ready and we send it to oven for 15 minutes at at 180 degrees our sand pechenyushki ready the dough is very very friable
  • 05:01: the smell of stunning a whole apartment pleasant vanilla something like that sweet now I I go to drink tea all Bon Appetit and Here you inspected my video to the end it means you and if you do not like it I liked not have anything to do if you still liked Like put sign up come to my group in touch on is in description there any interesting fresh news and I want to say that we already getting bigger and more so we
  • 05:32: grows stronger my channel and to develop the next issue all while