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  • 00:09: Hello dear Followers today video tutorial I will tell like on the picture to find scheme often such a situation that you find you liked model on the Internet but stumps unfortunately no I am now describing tell his can be found for this I go into any
  • 00:30: browser I'll go to the opera, you can go to chrome is already on your choice below I go in groups of crochet Alexey . ru and suit me liked here such here is a picture bootees I press further Right-click and I choose to save image As Then choose where
  • 01:00: save you save any disk whether or chain I d I will keep on Desktop and then you can rename the file eg call units for convenience and click to save Next, open another one tab and write the address bar google.ru and press enter and
  • 01:33: and so we search opened google system further we Go to section pictures here there is such a camera icon click on it Then click on record download file and click on the button choose File Now we choose our file that we preserved here I open desktop
  • 02:01: If you have saved on the disc you have respectively Open the disk so I I am seeking your file here at we under the numeral 1 clicking on it and I click on the button It is going to open Upload file and now you can see what google on this picture brought to you sites which meet data booties you simply open
  • 02:30: any site and see Here is an example open this site and here we looking information and booties And so these booties he press finds look further
  • 03:06: We lead all options but unfortunately here no data schema bootees so we yes go e.g.
  • 03:45: But our booties opening entry which is under data and booties
  • 04:02: so that's just open data booties so we see It is the sole scheme Further data bootees there is a description that is top diagram and also shown Video how to tie convex and concave bars are here here we go and and here we It is crocodile skin pattern the pattern submitted
  • 04:30: ie its lessons you can see how link this pattern that is due pictures we found here this here site where there is a description Information bootees and so we are now close also this google.ru You can go on another example, we Yandex simply write google google
  • 05:02: press enter and there you search system Yandex now we looking for google press the left click on first record and we in a new tab opens search engine google we go again profile pictures, Now we need to repeat the same loading actions File I I explained earlier but I would like to noted that the search for
  • 05:30: the picture does not give you hundred-percent the result of that is, perhaps those sites that you find in google will not description of this model simply search the picture is one for the fact that you may find description on some of the sites well, hope you is the information you useful thanks all for your attention subscribe to our channel and to new
  • 06:00: meetings