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  • 00:02: first channel is on our medical site Friends today we We will talk about warts look at yourself do you have warts Alekseev Stanislas let go of the patient let sit I sit down please I want to introduce you to our today guest is wonderful doctor Alexey S. Volkov Aleksey S.
  • 00:31: let's Pestovo So ask the question if do you think that those warts that have you have a should not cause no alarm press the green box right on Click on the screen green square if you think that You have a reason to worries about your warts press the red box if you
  • 01:01: I do not have warts and you do all uninteresting to yellow feminine look only at two people have anxiety about their warts you have all You watched friends the doctor looked so What we do know from someone you have it be here part lights diagnosis doctor on your screens of those who the screen will be red raise your hand set his words you have three
  • 01:34: someone call Alekseev Stanislas here's a girl who people wear on Goloka your name Olga. where your warts are you worried These so on the face and what do you think where does all wart it this is something body is and here it comes
  • 02:00: they can loudly microbe some'll go to wash the virus can virus here it is the veins virus exactly a virus Yes Yes but look inside Alina warts Here wart friends and now there within great amount Virus is a viral infection a viral disease is the conquest of which can actually infected and that
  • 02:30: can spread so you absolutely right virus causes development of warts he called Alexey S. I think that it is of papilloma virus man certainly papilloma virus man crafts to our layout because warts on the face and in We've got internal human bodies section and so papilloma virus person you think and what else the disease it causes except here these cities we here target these Mechain
  • 03:00: You can put straight there where the disease there is only tell us it's cancer cervical God with us brilliant highly educated woman promazyvaya because that's all yet here the neck the uterus is here vagina but she missed one on the other hand by viruses human papillomavirus you can head when Bream also take that has prostate cancer
  • 03:31: there is no prostatitis but it causes cancer the penis can cause sticking Another Michelle that skin more Leather is you and here other than skin leather tab absolutely true and I know Now let's still turns can still occur rectal cancer Friend's over there Stick on our ears can still be the so-called gabled warts
  • 04:00: or warts female genital bodies, I do not even know where to do this, walls continue here then everything began salochki we all listed on it I have remained basically I think that this enough direct cancer colon cancer knocks rectum can to fly to hang one more thing you and papilloma virus dear man Friends, let's just say that the virus is here which causes the cutaneous warts it
  • 04:30: nothing to do this riding have not The first is different different is the class one papilloma virus but this man various subclasses so the first thing is not fear there is not a wart there is cancer first Alex S. tell me please but none less than a person's wart on the face can this man infected with the virus someone else, and so on, I I would not say that all yet such direct data know them
  • 05:00: No data the thing is that similar viruses years and may decades to be at person and not cause any but then there is a problem failure antiviral human immunity might appear to huge number warts and papillomas can develop a Now the feast of above cancer ie diseases by her own wart says that it is in this
  • 05:30: place hole immunity did not work, he should It was to destroy the virus and he gave him a call this tumor benign papilloma speaking on Latin or wart speaking in Russian we have warts layout Alexey S. let's here it stop what ways of dealing with warts challenge These are celandine so celandine tried there is no tried and anyone tried to help
  • 06:00: not help but even that doctor contact this is the best method to the doctor who has know what methods friends freeze you take it method to himself almost house recommends but there is no use at home, I think that it is not should be used no medical method except that prevention As for cryotherapy as such it is
  • 06:30: little effective against some local Education is come to the doctor and Doctor also will choose individual method applicable only for you it will not cryotherapy and say Elimination of liquid nitrogen, and so look Why is it dangerous when removing the argument can be do part wart you will be destroyed never destroy root and stem and depth so it will recur so kind and It helped to words
  • 07:00: It rose again like We froze it again so it's grown such methods are fast they can use but their effectiveness very doubtful another method Alexey happened masses of people paste over the wart Here's to the right shepherds a long time here so it what's it for you are not a shady character shows how a thread to bandage in Basically what they do the people of Earth
  • 07:30: make life difficult for yourself clean but they hope the fact that the wart lose blood Here such here and it can be tear off and tear Some soften its type of cut I like it shocked face Alexey S. you have not encountered I you luck as you to feel about why negative still need to be removed warts and papillomas on certain
  • 08:00: because parts of the body that they can injured and if we thus injuring wart not to the end and removing from and using sticky here tape it will grow again and increase probability she malignancy quickly turned sign than before you decide not to remove Alexey S. Well We have already talked about that it's all wild nonsense you Heroine you first met a woman who knows that papilloma virus
  • 08:31: human causes warts what It causes cervical cancer let us once again of the uterus We applaud treatment we look at friends you warts we are generally more we are with the help of Dr. Volkova remove but not in one go like this remove warts why so their better to remove it a few minutes warts board between the way a tumor benign
  • 09:00: caused by a virus human papillomavirus this insidious his other virus subspecies cause cervical cancer cancer of the colon cancer penis gabled warts or Warts on the genitals bodies women generally virus his insidious most favorable it is a manifestation of the beard joint Alex S. we Today we will delete wart means Today, we will remove these
  • 09:30: warts using laser and show us on the back, and why this method you You think one of best explain to us because I do them well I know this is the first By the way it is important to the doctor good law is important own the world and more because laser gives the ability to shoot ears she is laid at any microns to between layers a few microns quietly-quietly remove to remove all So he laser lachik
  • 10:00: Rome is one of the the best pilot he sight of red color to doctor was easier navigate and it limits zone treatment that is here the circle on the hand a doctor in circles will laser pulse slip the most the real scope of others do not even say and depending for example on wart size change length of the tip and respectively processing area It can become the
  • 10:31: less then and so increase Lothar important advantage layered sense of the word while sparing sealed vessels so bleeding with treatment Hardly ever proceed procedure is very it requires a short Only one deal special anesthetic freeze as they say patients this place and then completely painless the laser beam will be
  • 11:00: layers evaporate layer by layer wart to wear this requirement to all wear goggles with laser but I now I want to move here at this point and to remind you once again that other subtypes papillomavirus human cause cancer cervical disease from which each Day in Russia dies 17 women this crime today die from cervical cancer because the uterus Today there is a vaccine
  • 11:30: from the disease the world's first vaccination against cancer so women mom Pope grandmother grandfather Get vaccinated your daughters we grandson girls of 9 to 26 years Today they can be instill protect against cervical cancer all life unless they do not They deserve the truth after all guests return we already flickers
  • 12:01: green laser streets Dr. what time is it This usually takes Alex procedure S. minute 2-3 minutes two three, and that's the hurt green ray green Flash this is laser but it hurts Alex said Now for this glued small wound is It will be small. as long crust lasts 2 weeks to 2
  • 12:31: weeks she no longer hold under is not fresh beautiful skin and to bye wart forever because this case it It will be removed together with his roots and with We put their warts here are a few of their one can at a time delete, or vanish from how many pieces it is possible for one step in depending on the footprint Warts that is there as it is formed burn its area
  • 13:00: must be very but large matches if We are talking about these entities that possibly 10 and 12-15 if the small papillomas I'm somewhere up to 50 choose a question Alexey S. you have until Sit relax on our eyes questions you are welcome Hello. Tell me please what warts and youth how to get rid of them As far as I understand we are talking about so called palms or plantar warts are Often appear in childhood
  • 13:30: age in youth it is expedient to them certainly remove because the wart papilloma on the foot and and the palm passes several stages development and very often falls infection and possibly specific problems in the child or a young man so it is better not to wait until it will all be develop Now the number of these nevi will grow it all need to be removed as a can
  • 14:00: Solve a method is already doctor will choose the laser can be please tell me how to understand whether be any bump wart no but of course if you there is even the slightest doubts that come Dr. He will decide say your problem wart is no it is necessary to remove it, or such a need there are individual for sure of course sure it the doctor has to do
  • 14:30: it is our common call we specially taught all the this you also know as you do not take on the driver's work who do not have rights though why the seams his body is not having the right to hold the depths of my more More so it is best just come to the doctor this way providing intently usual Warts can become the reason why cancer do not treat warts do not think lightly that the house on one, two or three of you remove better
  • 15:00: talk to experts which today is very many and one of them wonderful doctor Volkov Aleksey S. was our current guest thank you great it simply says about the house