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Fish cutlets without fish. Vegetarian fish cutlets from the Marmalade Fox. Fishless fish cakes  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear Friends visiting jelly Investment today we will vegetarian fishcakes more precisely no not at all the fish and no fish there but it seems to be it tastes fishy, we achieve at the expense of adding algae and we We made similar I consistency sure that many vegetarians We met on the Internet open spaces recipe using Adygei cheese boiled potatoes Me, this option is not enjoy because
  • 00:30: he was rather dry and texture of fish is It does not look like I want you offer something another and so we You need a glass ready-made porridge and Oatmeal should be not so thick I just watery I receive 150 milliliters oatmeal gathering a not those that are very fast so fall apart like Only they are calling boiling water attacks and more solid fill them somewhere to water I covered a centimeter
  • 01:01: boiling water and half I salt to taste leaving insists here after swelling it turns out here such Good bush I oatmeal if you Bunting will too thin, you can just fold it in a sieve to drain excess water and us It needs tofu can take Adyghe but from tofu much more soft and not as dry it is more juicy it is no longer like I take somewhere
  • 01:30: the same proportion oatmeal and cheese that is, if I cup of oatmeal is 250 grams of tofu cheese it can grate on large grater but I love like this simply knead it fork to pieces were more larger and better be felt as well as The most important ingredients is nori sheet That's how they look and those leaves
  • 02:01: seaweed that wrapped sushi and we just need to leaves cut scissors or knife possible thin stripes can Small can be bigger In principle it is not It has a special value of this quantity ingredients I take 4 leaves love when more Algae can used and less it would seem that feet too much
  • 02:30: because they are dry but if you mix well Sea pluck moisture from cheese and oatmeal and all will become good and uniform now we have add spice to Fish have a ready-made I have such a composition fennel seeds coriander natural lemon flavor grain garlic mustard bay shallots, dried
  • 03:01: parsley and red Pepper's this composition I you You can take any seasoning is like you somewhere tablespoon you can add me seasoning without salt if you salt it, you consider it to It was not overdone I certainly oatmeal salted when prepared but now Try it and if you want to
  • 03:30: I will have add more salt and because cheese tofu in our salt at all if you want you can add more onion half finely sliced it will add more little juiciness such a wicked taste but I'm not add onion and now the time has come from our wonderful smelling you and the sea shape
  • 04:00: burgers and it is very we just take for tablespoon of weight and thrown into breadcrumbs semolina or if you want to and then like this neatly back off in every aspect of the matter cutlet general Of course you can use store and crackers but I doing home because the stores and always made of bread yeast and his mother did not trozhte we eat because I am taking unleavened bread of
  • 04:31: wholemeal there is a very good Clerk delicious crop the jacket from one bread slices well need that there is no the most recent know at least yesterday I rubbed on a coarse grate the flesh and simply spread on the baking and dried in an oven to crackers flushed and then their good is mortar that they were small turn very well as you see the beautiful crackers and most
  • 05:00: the main thing that from the bread that like it to heat our burgers in a small amount oil on both sides that's all friends I hope you loved you necessarily try this option stay healthy while and as they look already Inverted of this amount ingredients 9 is obtained such sufficiently weighty soft and juicy gentle fragrant and monk
  • 05:32: I go just such delicious as I was I pass, I can not have really I want to eat them I chop the distance to